Has there been changes to the BP drop system in FG?

yes they are independent, check my formula. With adaptive I meant “re-rolling”
(not sure if re-rolling RNG is a term)

(6/7)*(1/7) means you did roll for a non-FG BP that you already knew, so we try again and the second time we rolled a FG BP and we drop it for you

(6/7)(6/7)(1/7) means you did roll for a non-FG BP that you already knew in the first two rolls, so we try once again and the third time we rolled a FG BP and we drop it for you

Repeat this procedure until you are out of re-rolls.

A true adaptive RNG means that we remove the “ball” from the urn. But here we are dealing so many objects that if we remove 10 we still have 690 ~ 700 so only a tiny % will differ.

like I mentioned above:

1-%power n, where n is number of rolls is the odds for multiple chances.

Do you agree that the person who has learned all non-FG BP’s still have WAY higher chance to drop a FG BP compared to a person who starts entirely fresh in this model and thus makes your OP statement/assumption wrong?

What BP drop model would you prefer?

Edit: well, yes due to extra rolls

But not independently. However, the chance will be only slghtly more even with 10 rolls. Once you get into the lowish chance, a few extra rolls in a pool of BP that large don’t make that much difference (a few percent)

For a specific one just chance 1/7 to 1/700 in my “formula”

chance of dropping a specific BP if 0 BP’s in total have been learned is 1/700

chance of dropping a specific BP if 600 BP’s in total have been learned is 1/700 + (6/7)(1/700) + (6/7)^2(1/700) + … > 1/700 thus higher.

As I wrote earlier, both the Uniform and this adaptive/re-rolling model will get equal to 100% Confidence level, but the adaptive/re-rolling will converge faster than the Uniform model.

So how would you like BP’s to drop? (fifth time I ask)

And why should BP’s get special treatment? A random non-BP non-Set legendary is always from uniform RNG :stuck_out_tongue: (unless in same game session)

I think there should be a NPC that guarantees a random unknown BP for a cost.

The cost may require some farming, but the there is an end-point and not absurdly decreasing odds.

(some useful BP - not a yellow!)

and why restrict this to BP’s and not legandaries? There will always be decreasingly odds for finding new items in RNG loot games. It is a basic statistical property. If you get bored farming, use GD stash instead. You can perhaps come up with your own way of doing this? Like find some “currency” and then sell it to a vendor to unlock a BP in GDstash for your own “morale”

I will not play Grim Dawn in 1 year, that is for sure. I will have every item in the game 10 times over :stuck_out_tongue: No reason left to play (apart from finding sick double rare affix MI’s perhaps). How long are you planning to play GD?

This game is 80% items you said, thus a large part of the game must be about acquisition of items.

Well, different philosophy. I don’t see something that is as statistically improbable as meaningful, in terms of replay.

I mean, I’d love to see a Unicorn one day, too.

But to each his own, in the manner we assess the game.

For me, an ARPG become kinda meaningless if I already have all the items for a build waiting for me in a stash somewhere. It is all about the hunt and unlocking new possibilities for myself.

I never played this one, that much I know. Think I never played beyond 1.12 but it could be earlier.

The loot system we have is the one we got, I’m afraid, so the bad luck protection we have for Blueprints is the best we can do at this time.

That’s sad to hear. I have 2.5k hours playtime, around 1k is playing AoM and i still missing like 3 or 4 conduits BPs

Isn’t the current loot system where all BPs stay in the loot pool, regardless of whether they’ve been learnt or not?

That would mean the more BPs I’ve learnt, the less likely it will be for me to loot an unlearnt one (FG one or not).

Yes, already learned BP’s are in the loot pool, and then game rerolls for chance of dropping a not learned BP 10 times in total. See my calculations previously in the thread.

The “less likely to get something new” is there even in regular epic and legendary drops, why are you guys so specifically “upset” about blueprints?!?! :rolleyes: At least for BP’s the game checks with previously learned ones and tries again 10 times, as mentioned.

(I just dropped a BQ in the chests behind Lokarr, now I have only 2 or 3 left :stuck_out_tongue: )

This is a serious question to everybody: why are you so upset about BP drop rates/mechanics but not the drop rate/mechanics of Epic & Legendaries?

It’s much harder to trade for blueprints since duplicates don’t drop at all. Anything else can be traded 1:1, with few exceptions, and trading is the only effective way to complete item sets (or gear-intensive/min-maxed builds) for all but the most dedicated players.

“the only effective way”? GDstash is superior.

Ok trading, I get it. But then you can also trade the craft service :rolleyes:

But the OP do not trade or anything, so why should he/she be upset?

Cause they contain stuff that nearly every build needs imagine having for example components like Runebound Topaz in your last few blueprints.

Zantai why not add some rare-spawn Vendor (maybe at very high Shard) which sells at random several high end blueprints (lvl84-90) for huge cost - like 3-4 mil per piece.

That way you provide a bad luck proof system for those of us who are missing some of them/find it hard to get what you need while you dont make getting the blueprints easy due to cost & need to be at high shard.

I would use Mark of Illusions instead. But true, component BPs are pretty much meta to use.

i can t believe what i read in this thread, you want higher drop rates? they are already EXTREMELY high, wtf are you all talking about?