Haunted steel ?

If I equip a haunted steel to my shield will it heal me on all attacks or only attacks that use the shield ?

Can’t tell you 100% but it should be just like equipping any other item with %life steal. Like a vampiric ring or lifegiver signet. It should affect all your %weapon damage attacks.

Put it on a crap shield and see how it works to be sure.

Only attacks from the shield will heal you.

Well that sucks.

Sorry about that. I stand corrected.

When applying haunted steel to your weapons the lifesteal (and flat damage) only apply to the weapon the steel is actually on. This goes for for sword and board as well as dual wield - so two haunted steels being DW’d just means that both your weapons lifesteal not that you get 2X the lifesteal. Also keep in mind a haunted steel on your main hand won’t work with shield based attacks.

The one exception to this would be applying it to a spell tome…if it can be applied to a spell tome too lazy to look it up now.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: