Have someone tried chaos Canister Bomb?

In a pursuit for Fire Strike conduit I got a bunch of chaos CB ones, and I was wondering if making such a build would make any sense, especially considering it only converts pierce portion of its damage. Also, a lot of CB’s damage comes from burn and trauma, which obviously become useless. Itemization does not exist for such archetype, too.

There are two items that support physical damage AND CB. Those are Legionnaire’s Triumph belt and Mark of Stone Will medal. They also imply shield use, so here’s a build that I came up with: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62aQR9E2

Now here’s a million dollar question: why would you bother making chaos CB Pyro or Purifier if you can make a trauma Commando or Shieldbreaker instead? Would it be worth it to change this conduit to support physical CB and Commando at the same time? Pyromancer and Purifier have enough options as it is. Of course total damage modifier should be removed I guess, but changing the conversion to pierce -> physical and maybe adding -% energy cost would be sufficient?


Tried? Not personally no. This was a GT I put together for it that levies some of the strong points of Chaos - flexible conversion and raw damage. I imagine someone else could take the idea and finetune it further as it’s gonna be energy hungry as hell and might need a bit more ADCtH/sustain. Also not sure where another +1 to Canister could be squeezed from.

Regarding changing the conversion modifier though. I wouldn’t be opposed to it happening. Chaos or Physical Canister are both interesting and unique ways of building it, one of which also gives another option that isn’t Retaliation-based to a less popular class combo.

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A rework to phys canister is a great idea that would go very well with Adversary, +1

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I must admit, this looks rather promising. The only way to hardcap CB is to use Ravager’s helm, but that’s a no-no of course because we lose those juicy bonuses. Getting +5 CB Badge would also be a bitch I suppose. Good job nevertheless!

Yeah, totally! I almost forgot about this rifle, but now that you guys mentioned it, it makes perfect sense =)

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+3 should work well enough without too much damage loss I’d think. Maybe I’ll get around to playing it one day since the gear requirements aren’t too bad and I think I have a set of Thunderstruck Log shoulders somewhere that aren’t BiS but should be good enough to cap resists with some armour augment shuffling.

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Hm, yes, probably. At least we get those extra fragments.

I almost feel bad for bringing this up. Almost =)

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