Have you ever...

…gone to Grim Calc clicked on ‘lucky?’ then ran with the build that came up? If so how did it turn out? Thinking of giving myself a challenge for a new toon.

This “lucky?” provided me with some decent laugher quite a few times. Amazing that people may actually be playing the crap I rolled.

EDIT: Decided to try again.
First roll: shitty 1hand savagery warder
Second roll: DW Forcewave blademaster
Third roll: Pure Soldier
Nice builds, definitely recommend for everyone.

That DW blademaster build made me laugh, thanks for cheering me up :slight_smile:

Also consider playing this delicious PRM/AAR summoner warlock, stoic TSS Facetank Battlemage, novel Crowd Control Sorceror and this revolutionary CT Druid

And if you’re a fan of more classical builds try this Pox/Grasping Vines Conjurer

I’ll totally pick one of these later and give it a whirl but first I need to crash. 15 mins of sleep last night at my kids summer camp campout night. Camping is the one thing on the face of this earth I can’t stand!

And how random or lucky can you be when ya maybe hit one of jajaja builds?


Had to skip over a couple single class builds and several BMs (done enough of those) and came to this one Primal Strike Druid.

I’ve not done a Druid before so this should be interesting since Primal is not spamable. Guess I can put Beronath’s Fury on the 2H to use that for LMB then Primal as a RMB.