Haven't played since Arcanist was introduced

I bought this game a longgg time ago, then let it sit for years. I only gave it a try when Arcanist was introduced, had lots of fun with it until I couldn’t do anything beyond Herald of Flame. Couldn’t get into Homestead yet. I just started playing again last week, and I realized just how beautiful this game is. The release was even better than I had imagined.

Thank you devs! You did an awesome job!!

My story was pretty similar. Backed it on Kickstarter years ago, forgot about it, then got into it right before Arcanist came out, and now I have close to 1200 hours in the game so far. Easily the best ARPG I’ve ever played.

Cheers! Yeah, this game is amazing. Aside from the extreme fun level, I’m impressed how well made the game is. It’s very well thought out and user friendly. Pretty much everything I could have asked for, came true.