HC Battlemage 62 only tickling Elite. Need hlp with devotions :)

Devotions dryad scales turtle Tsunami


62 HC battlemage and he’s got good resists
Max elem
65 acid
71 bleed
70 pierce
40 Aether Vitality
41 chaos
13 vit

8.2k Life

Offensive - 1180
Defensive - 1341
Dps 3114
I have +1 all skills with blackwood wand and a crap off-hand, but I’m trying to farm for better stuff.

My clearspeed in Veteran is great.
In Elite - it’s still bad - - it takes me ages to kil heroes even with 20 points in Trozans

I’m thinking I need some damage devotions, but am lost when it comes to this part of the game which is why im prob struggling. I posted this guy in an earlier thread, but decided to make some changes.
Now his Trozan’s is better I thought I’d do well in Elite, but I.m not really.
Got some great tips from u guys and I’m stronger now, but still need help on the damage front.

I’m doing ok in Wardens Lab but not great in Cronley’s.

So I’m lost, how I can kill things quicker while maintaining res.

Any advice welcomed on my devotions and how to get some damage ones.
I have 29 Dev points.



TSS should clear just fine… not very sure what the problem is, but you might want to post how much +% lightning and +% cold you have… that, and you need to max shattered star ASAP (leave frozen core alone, it sucks)

If sky shard is going to be your main source of damage, consider aiming for pink/green devotions for leviathan and blind sage rather than white/blue. Blue can still be used to get tempest while you’re at it. The problem, I think, is that you are missing some shrines, at lvl 62 and warden’s lab you should have over 30 points if memory serves me correctly. Edit: just checked, you should have 32, if you did not go into Elite Craig’s Crags yet. 33 if you have already done so. If you finish Act 2 you should have 38.
Check here to see if you are missing anything.

I’d drop Panetti if you already are going TSS. Panetti is best with reckless power and TSS is best with Star pact. Obviously you cannot have both. OFF is fine.

Hey thanks - off now. Detailed answer later.
Wonder why my 21/16 TSS isn’t really cracking the kill speed of heroes much.
But I prob trade out of PRM and go full TSS.

Still taking ages to kill minor mosses like Moneybags Martin in elite with my TSS



Howdy Turnip.

Is the same character you were asking for help with earlier?? :slight_smile:

If you want Trozans sky shard to be a beast, try and get your hands on the Eastern Set :slight_smile: it is an absolute beast! :smiley:

Also, you need more OA by now, if you are up to Act 2 Elite, you want at least 1300 if not more OA. Inner focus give %OA and %Spirit, so helps all of your damage :slight_smile:

Did you look at what your PTH was for moneybags Martin? I’m guessing not 100% and also not much chance to crit. :slight_smile:

The grim calc didn’t show me any devotions you currently had, I think 29 is about right for act 2 Elite, there’s quite a few in the bonus dungeons etc in Elite to flesh you out to about 40 ish before going into Ultimate.

try this for devotions , its 100% offensive though! :slight_smile:

I agree with what others posted, getting that OA up via Inner Focus would be good. There is definitely a balance between OA/DA - the longer you are fighting the greater chance of death, particularly as you progress into Ultimate. I would say most of my characters have around 1300-1500 OA at your level.

Having items/devotions that reduce resists (Black Star of Deceit, Rhowan’s Crown, Manticore, etc.) is also important in being able to bring down heroes/bosses in a timely manner. If you haven’t invested in any of those, I would suggest trying that out. I always take Rhowan’s on my elemental characters coupled with some form of flat resist reduction.

Lastly, have you purchased the faction rep scrolls? Be sure to grind that out on elite and use the armor/jewelry augments to supplement your resists and damage. They really help fill in those missing gaps. The difference in the damage you take even from 70%-80% resists is significant as you progress.

Thanks for the feedback. I definitely want more offensive devotions.
Bit confused as to which ones to go for as I’d like to keep dryad and tortoise - any way I can keep those and go fro some offensive ones.

I can’t get rid of Scholars lght as the constellation depends on its own Affinity -how can I get rid of that?

Also not sure what OA or DA is … :slight_smile:

TY for feedback - i could loose scales and scholars light which would give me points for an offensive devotion.



OA is Offensive Ability which is the stat that determines your chance to hit. to crit and also the higher your OA compared to the target DA the bigger the crit. DA is Defensive Ability which is the stat determines the chance for the enemies to miss attacks and to crit you.

You can put one Devotion point in the green crossroad point and then you can remove Scholar’s Light. Crossroad is the star in the middle of the devotion map.

Wicked - thanks for that - re getting rid of scholars.

@Stillsingle - yep same toon :slight_smile:

My OA is 1319

I still think get rid of the the dryad, tortoise is OK, is just delaying your offensive constellations :wink: :smiley:

something like this: http://grimcalc.com/build/1006-8bHd5e
I’ve kept the turtoise for you. but this should still get you better damage overall, as you are getting a flat debuff via rowan’s crown for enemies elemental resistances (which you are doing nealy 100% elemental damage!) :slight_smile:

I reckon finish off by getting raven, then elementel seeker at the bottom. any left over devotion points (there are some) find + flat health, and + %health and some DA :slight_smile:

hope you can get this toon kicking butt! :smiley:

Get rid of the points in Mehnirs’ Will it only works if you use a Shield or 2H melee weapon.

The problem with TSS is it has a cooldown so you need to supplement it with a 2nd skill. Soldier doesn’t really offer you anything of great value skill wise. Soldier is probably the worst class to have paired with a TSS build.
Panetti’s and Callidor’s Tempest would pair up alot better with Soldier as they are spammable.

I just leveled two characters hardcore that now farm challenger crucible relatively safely so my experience in hardcore is pretty good. My latest one was a warlock centered around aether ray.

Here is a aether ray build that I might use based on high survivability and damage for a battlemage; hopefully it will give you some good ideas for your own build:

Vanilla level 85 Version:

Level 85 Version that Assumes +3 all arcanist skills.

level 70 version that assumes +1 in all arcanist skills.

This assumes – caster offhand, high armor gear such as empowered legplates of valor (and most or all stat points invested in physique), and about max resistance in everything. Probably the most important thing for aether ray is for Your rings to have ectoplasms, amulet should have a focusing prism, and your medal should be filler for whatever resistances you may need (corpse dust for example) or it can be another ectoplasm.

I suggest farming for some golus rings that have high resistance if you have not already and purchasing some faction gear – I suggest something along the lines of Elite Devil’s Chestguard, Elite Rhowari Greaves, Elite Harvest Grips (the only low armor piece of gear I would have), and Elite Legion Headguard or Elite Solar Defender. This is basically best in slot gear if you do not have high level legendaries. Remember faction gear is rerolled so you may have to check the vendor a few times before you get one with high rolls on its stats.

Thanks very much to all replies.

I just grabbed Widow for bomb and it aint doing much.

I’m doing much better damage in Elite and am killing bosses thanks to all feedback.

I’m going Tss with some PRm support. I’m out but I’ll put my grimcalc when I get
home. Now using devastation

Devotion-wise I’m f***ed - dryad - widow - panther -
and 3 points in Scholars light to get widow.
A point in scales for energy.

TYVM for all suggstions

@Lostsage - loking forward to seeing your grimcalcs.

Kudos to all