Hc Friendly, Diviner Hybrid Spellbinder

The Diviner’s Vision set provides array of flexibility when it come to devotion route. You can scales towards full-time nuker with Widow and SoTH or Pets build with Staff of Rattosh and Will of Rattosh + Typhos. I am just here grabbing 4 of the big tier-3 constellation.

The Defense

You get to abuse CDR from Eternity and Aeon for
Mirror + Mark of torment + ToL + Ishtak and Siphon soul
During your gameplay, you can be generous in using MoT and Mirror. Using Cluster as your main Ohshit button.

The Offense

Reap Spirit as your main nuke and those minions are pretty decent themselves couple with Call of Grave and Perma Dying God buff. They clear trash easily and once in rare moon uses taunt from Ishtak.

Devastation will be your main artillery. Aeon + Eternity, nuff said.

Here is the link <<< https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GG0RX2 >>>

You will be in god mod in most of the time.

Pretty easy run and decent clear speed from 1 - 150. i have not tried to go beyond that with this char yet until i finish my ultimate and test it against Nemesis.

unlike pure pet build which bored me to death, this is actually pretty fun.


Mobility is an issues. In most case you do not have to luxury to position your Siphon soul. You can swap out Seal of Resonance for Riftstone if you want

Damage is not god-tier unlike other build. will be missing out RR from Widow. :frowning:

i am still tweaking this build to unlock the Diviner set full potential.

Potential amulet = Conduit of Undying Whispers with prefix that provide additional aether damage to your Reap Spirit. but i ended up with Peerless as it scales more towards defensibly, -OA and can’t say no to +1 to all skills.

Potential Medals = Mythical Mark of Anathema for more DPS and faster run time in AoM area full of Aether corruptions.
Mark of Divinity is a must if you are running HC crucible. heck it’s almost the same name as the set itself, Divinity and Diviner.

Potential Rings = 2 rings that i put up to consideration are Mythical Band of Eternal Haunt for that sweet RR which we are missing out from Widows and Mythical Albrecht’s Duality which grants 5% chance of 50% skill reduction.

Pants and Boots can be swap to MI gear.

That’s an interesting devotion setup, but honestly if it’s for main campaign then this kind of defense is overkill for everything besides Ravager maybe.

EDIT: wait a minute, why the hell you didn’t get Ill Omen if you’re playing Diviner?

No widow for aether build? Strange, if not say more.

I tried swooping out ToL for Widows but it helps a lot in mitigating -hp from Dying God without BoG. Aeon paring with Dying God makes a pretty decent offensive combo. Ishtak can be consider swooping for Widow if you want faster clear speed.

“EDIT: wait a minute, why the hell you didn’t get Ill Omen if you’re playing Diviner?”

Opps i did spent a point in my main gameplay, i just forgot to add it into grimtools. thanks for the clarification !

Don’t bother with Elemental balance if you pick Dying god. Its a waste of points for extremely low returns. Max Maiven instead, it provide increasing returns. Max Il omen if you want tankiness, it does wonders. Imp proc bound to IL omen clear all trash in crucible in one wave.
Not sure about the usefulness of Dying god, Ratosh can be better. Master of Dead is the worst exclusive you can take in such build. Star pact is clearly better.
These rings suck , btw. :stuck_out_tongue: