HC Nemesis Showdown

Full video - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/391574622
TL;DW- https://www.twitch.tv/mrtwan/clip/EagerLovelyPistachioOptimizePrime

While eagerly awaiting Forgotten Gods, my pal, Plasmastrike67 and I, devise an excellent way to pass the time. We thought, “if the Undead and Cronly’s boys fight, why wouldn’t their champion fighters?” So we found them and brought them together for a battle to the death.

Who will fall first?

The difference between SC and HC is that in HC you need to be quick with the pause button…

That seems rather sour :/. I thought that the fact you could actually pit to Nemesis bosses into battle was an amazing discovery! I plan to reattempt but with a more concrete strategy (not just hoarfrost potions).

It’s been done before: Fabius vs Moosilauke

Wondering which other nemeses you can bring together for a showdown.

Hopefully Grava will put up the Nemesis Death Battle Arena in a post-FG-release dev stream. :cool:

I was thinking Reaper and Kubacabra, that would be something else!

Barrowholm and Beasts are actually allies, so Reaper and Kubacabra can’t fight. You can try Valdaran and Benn’Jhar in Necropolis.

ah, that’s a bummer D: