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Hi guys, i played GD when it launched for a few months but the lack of HC community and problem with Multiplayer got me to ditch the game for a while but now, with winter around i’m looking to get back into it.

So my question is, do we have a bigger HC community nowadays ?

And, is the multiplayer function still funky ?


So my question is, do we have a bigger HC community nowadays ?
There is no “big” mp community in the first place which makes the HC community small. But if you are fine to play with a handful of dedicated people I am sure you will fine some nice guys here on the forums.

And, is the multiplayer function still funky ?
It definetly is. Personally I would not risk HC in it, but for SC it works more than well enough to have a lot of fun. Others might give you different insights.

Thanks for the quick answer…i wonder why they don’t try to “fix” that multiplayer mode instead of doing more content…not that i dislike content, but QoL comes before content imho hehe.

I guess i’ll just fire it up and start from scratch to get a hold it again hehe

An outsiders guess: Because GD is a lot about modding. Modding in many cases adds some unbalanced bugs/random damage spikes/etc which is not really HC friendly. There exists a MP and it is a lot of fun even with it’s problems, therefore it is likely that it nets financially more if they add new content. I can not say how HC friendly the vanilla game is, good HC games usually have a HC friendly design with damage you can mitigate with skill. I can’t tell if GD really is well done for a HC enthusiast.

In the end, we all just want them to be financially successfull, as (most of us) we trust them to use that money to make the game better or who knows some day make some awsome sort of GD2. Let’s face it: GD could be the start of a successful new series. The start of a series always can be a real big problem, as you don’t have the trust yet that you will achieve it. Crate had TQ which was a huge bonus. For me GD is less successfull than it should be quality-wise and without that TQ-trust-bonus it might have been even less successfull.

I am happy that it is very successful from a numbers standpoint. For me it just is at the moment the “best ARPG” on the market and for that reason it underperforms :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say they “had” TQ per se… What they had was a couple guys that worked on / helped design TQ and a license to “use” the TQ engine, minus any TQ assets beyond the engine itself.

I’m sure Bruno being the Lead Designer of TQ helped alot as well in early supporters eyes.

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It is the spiritual successor to TQ and that creates a huge trust bonus for everyone who loved TQ :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s part of the GD sales pitch indeed :wink:

And thanks to the engine itself it is that (including they took polls of people’s favorite TQ skills they wanted to see versions of in GD).

In my view it’s a combination of spiritual successor of both TQ and D1/2. I loved the TQ dual class system and the gritty darkness of the early Diablo games and they combined them both.

Big 2 thumbs up for that from me.

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I have over 1 k hours played in HC .
More than 99% is solo play and I can tell you that I enjoy a lot playing GD sp ( athough I use to play ,mostly mp in D3 for example).

As for multiplayer , my experience resumes to :

  • Ninetrix asks me to play mp
  • I say yes, we enter the mp game
    -I start chasing him on the map, inevitably falling behind and end up arriving at the scene of the battle after he already killed everything.
    -If I spend too long picking up drops from a boss/herro fight, he clears half of the map by the time I get to him :rolleyes:

Haha ok i see…Thanks for the input everyone