HC viable Ignaffar Vindicator

Since my death of my Purifier which ended up being DW pistolier, I now want to attempt Ignaffar-build from a scratch.
First and foremost i want to give credit to Pyroscar HC Multi-Proc Lightning Caster - Gladiator build which spark the ideal of switching toward FoI instead of savagry

Here is the build: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2JmkJ4N

Purifier packed quite a punch but was crazy squishy. Soldier doesn’t synergise well enough with elemental damage and huge energy drain, I believe. Flames of Ignaffar have lightning part, fire part and can be converted to chaos+vitality. So the main competitors are Shaman, Arcanist, Occultist. Shaman is tankiest of them, has Lightning RR from Wind Devil, Wendigo Totem and spark-sticks for circle-kiting.
So far I plan to use caster weapon + Shield

Game play: drop Wendigo totem and Seals in most case, this allowed me to hold my ground while melting foes with FOI and supported by SBOE assisted by Wind Devil and Storm totem.

Defensive procs; i have Giant blood + Wayward Soul + Dryad Blessing for the heal. With the help of Phoenix fire for damage absorption additional burning sensation to Aura of Census for those who dare to approach you.

Offensive procs; mainly for RR i have Viper, Hand of Ultos, Elemental storm and Arcane bomb and reckless tempest for that additional CC

Feel free to give constructive feedback and advise :smiley:

Purifier dosent have enough mana regen to sustain Flames of ignafar, so i wouldnt bother with it. If you want a stong HC viable build, go for untransmuted SJ+Grenade+Box with maxed Ulzuin chosen.

A purifier FoI build can handle the mana issues, maybe a few tweaks that gears towards mana regens,somes potions allows Vindicator FoI to work.

While not easy, mana isn’t as bad as you might think. You can get between -50% to 60% energy skill costs, partly due to endless flames getting you to -25%+.

It does get harder with a shield, as you take away 15% of that, but AAR builds have been successful with the same amount, and that uses even more energy.

You might reconsider the shield. It’s not going to be useful for blocking without going Soldier, it’s basically a stat stick. It’ll give you access to more defensive stats, and 30% physical resistance, but at the cost of offense and energy reduction or regen. More damage means more ADCTH healing.

The good news about vindicator is that you can easily go Aura of Conviction for more OA and physical resistance, and use Wind devils for resistance debuffing.

Someone posted a FoI deceiver in a different thread. I think they said something about it not really standing out very much.