HC Viable Markovian/Aegis Tactician

Here is the link for the build: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EoKJJZ

Damage type: mainly Phys/Trauma with bit of Fire,Pierce and bleed

Gameplay: Drop Seal and gun everything down. War cry when surrounded by mobs. Overguard when necessary and always ensure WoR is always up.

big 3 Devotion: Fist of Vira, LOE and Stoneform.

i would say the downside of this build will give you false sense of security from shield, seals and Menhil’s will. You will be over confident with face tanking everything. just tread lightly, and kit when necessary.

Why Aegis and being Fire/Physical hybrid though? Isn’t 4 pieces Markovian + Stoneguard set the tankiest thing in the world? I wonder how good your clear speed is.