HC Warlock Panini's + Dev/DB + Time-Dilation

My old Warlock build rip’d… and so I had to create a new one of course! This build requires the expansion and is up to date with the v1.0.4.1 patch.
-sad face

Game play video will be re-provided soon. For now you can skip down to the Boss Fights, Section VI.

I. The Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwK6qjZ - new constellations and components/augments that will be sorted out soon in the bottom section. - Much thanks to Mator for his input and suggestions :slight_smile:

II. Pro’s & Con’s


-Good burst DPS

-Fun if you like to gamble, Time-Dilation is super happy fun time. multi-doomboltery is much funnery https://clips.twitch.tv/PoisedSteamyBasenjiPeoplesChamp oh. my. endorphins.

-Good single target and aoe damage

-Surprisingly good survivability with 1.8k+ armor rating at 98% armor absorption - I haven’t attempted Gladiator on this build as of yet.


-Can be squishy at times if you’re not on top of the rotations.

-Doom Bolt downtime

-Not much room for damage items if you’re trying difficult portions of the
game. There’s more variety if you’re rolling on SC.

-Keeping track of CD’s can be a real pain if you’re trying to maximize dps because of the skill reset chances

Primary Damage Types: Aether and some Vitality from Doom Bolt.

III. Skills

Active Skills:

Panetti’s Replicating Missile - Used as your primary attack for trash mobs.

Trozan’s Sky Shard + Frozen Core - Primarily for proc’ing Shield Wall but can be effectively used to help you CC.

Olexra’s Flash Freeze - For CC only.

Haunt - Granted from the relic “Haunt” which will debuff the targets’ Aether resist. To be stacked with the devotion tied to Bloody Pox “arcane bomb.”

Blood of Dreeg - Primarily used for Poison/Acid/Physical Resist and OA, without it you’ll be at -15% Poison/Acid resist on ultimate and GG if any poison hits you.

Devastation - Used to devastate, try to follow up after haunting/bloody-poxing groups of enemies.

Doom Bolt - Your main source of burst damage. Use Doom Bolt to follow up your Devastation, effectively reducing the cool down of Devastation by a sizeable amount

Nullification - Used for anything and everything that you want to nullify, I’d suggest using it for mob affix’s (ie Reflect) or removing a snare.

Mirror of Ereoctes - Used for OH $%^# moments.

Clairvoyance - Doom Bolt + Devastation? Gonna need this. You’ll Regen to full mana and never actually need to use an energy potion.

Gaze of Beronath - Used to decrease enemy OA reducing their chance to hit/crit. This is also tied to the Devotion Cleansing Waters which acts as a 2nd nullification.

Bloody Pox - Another OA debuff that stacks with Gaze of Beronath. This is tied to the Devotion Widow which will proc Arcane Bombs, reducing aether resist.

Passive Skills:.

Maiven’s Sphere of Protection.

Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange.

Aether-Ward. For over-capping the resist. Also for increasing damage to Aetherials.

Void-Ward. Also for over-capping the resist. Also for increasing damage to Chthonics.

Star Pact For the CD reduction.

IV. Devotions

-Ulo the Keeper of the Waters. Ability Cleansing Waters bound to Gaze of Beronath.

-Widow. Ability Arcane Bomb bound to Bloody Pox.

-Aeon’s Hourglass. Ability Time-Dilation bound to Doom Bolt.

-Targo the Builder. Ability Shield Wall bound to Trozan’s Sky Shard.

-Manticore. Ability Acid Sprayl bound to Panetti’s Replicating Missile.

-Sailor’s Guide.
-3 Points into Crossroads -Primordial/Order/Eldritch.

V. Items:
Aim for the Mythical Versions in the Grimtool’s link above.

Long Note: The important items for this build are all the clairvoyant’s pieces (hat, shoulders, chest, weapon) so you have infinite energy and Albrecht’s Duality so you can boost your Doom Bolt damage via the Chaos conversion to Aether.

The second most important items are those that give you %damage to Aetherials and Aether Corruptions and mobs in general. This includes the Haunt relic (15%), Purified Salt component (15%), Outcast’s Wrath on both main-hand and off-hand (12% total). Additionally if you have Mark of Anathema you could use that but I recommend Mark of Divinity for the giant health pool it has and suedo death-proc.

The rest is pretty interchangeable, although, your primary goal is to get HP (I shot for 12k) and Aether damage. I much recommend Riftwarped Grasp for the -1.5s CD reduction on Doom Bolt. If you don’t have these, then a good defensive substitute would be Hand Guards of Justice. Occultist/Arcanist classes have stupid low HP in general so breaking 12k hp can be very difficult.

VI. Boss Fights
[u]New Warlock fights[/u]
-The Master of Flesh

[u]Old Warlock fights. The new build has more tank and damage so these fights are definitely still viable[/u]
-Chamber of Souls
-Mad Queen - This fight is tedious because I’ve rip’d against her before and am too timid to risk taking too much damage for more dps
-Iron Maiden - There’s a slight pause because I was looking for suitable music for the battle (thanks Plasmstrike67).

VII. Leveling Guide

Use Bloody Pox w/ Fevered Rage.

VIII. Conclusion

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Any criticism? I’m always trying to make my builds better, so have at it!

saving spot

just in case.

Arcanists who dabble in foreign magic are typically cast aside; often giving them more time to hone their disgusting abuse of arcane energy.

This is true, not many approve of foreign diddlery.

Added Loghorrean boss fight and Chamber of Souls battle.

Added Mad Queen and plan to add Moosi and Valdaran but my gpu is giving signs of death so I’ll have to post-pone until I figure this out D:

Yeah this builds really cool. :p:p:p:p

Thank you sir :slight_smile: I have some alterations I plan to make so if you plan to try it out then stay tuned, it should deal more damage while keeping its’ tanky-ness (thank you FlourineWizard) but that won’t happen till at least Wednesday. Found out my water pump went bad :frowning: so I’m waiting for the replacement in the mail.


3rd world problems in my 1st world device.

Updated the build for higher CDR/OA/Crit Damage and also some gear swaps: Golemborn Greaves for Stormtitan Treads, Wraithborne Legwraps for Demonbone Legplates. Less points into PRM (but still retaining 7-10 fragments for proc’s), reallocated those points into Inner Focus, Elemental Balance, Mirror of Ereoctes and swapping Reckless Power to Star Pact.

Thanks to FlourineWizard for the theory craft!

This build looks really cool. Is it viable as a leveling build? If so, maybe a leveling guide or some hints to go about leveling one? My arcanist is low level.

I shall do that actually and thank you! The only way to really level effectively with this build is by maxing out trozans sky shard for dps until you can get devastation/doom bolt. At that point you’re fine to switch to panetti’s to clean up trash mobs. This won’t be till later in your playthrough and you’ll run into energy problems causing some downtime until the clairvoyant set is complete

Thanks! My Arcanist is lvl 20, So I’ll start with looking at the current skills and go from there. What kind of point splitting would you recommend between the classes?

Stack heavily into Arcanist initially, get all the synergy nodes of trozan’s and get atleast 1 in nullification, mirror and 6 in Maiven’s Sphere. Then move into occultist around 35-40 towards blood of dreeg for a heal and Aspect of Guardian for physical and poison/acid resists eventually going for Doom Bolt. If you’re having trouble before 35-40 you can move towards blood of dreeg earlier because you’ll also get more base HP the further you go into the Occultist tree.

I would also suggest getting Devastation before Doom Bolt because it’ll come in handy more often for clearing large groups and its single target dps is still very good.

Here’s a grim calc of level 40 before putting points into occultist, http://grimcalc.com/build/1009-XIih20 … this is just a rough draft of what you could do. If you need more hp you can always take points out of devastation and begin putting points into occultist because Trozan’s should be doing good damage still at this level.

Updated the build for and included Fabius boss fight. More to come!

Added Iron Maiden fight… lordy lordy she scary… https://youtu.be/kaWQuaQqTFM

Hello, I watch your twitch recently and you now use bloody pox
I want to ask, why you use it and how is that build compared to this one?
Thanks for the build!

Ah I must have forgotten to update the guide! Thanks for the reminder haha.

The reason is, it has been discovered that Peerless Eye of Beronath’s granted ability, in which it lowers enemy OA, actually stacks with Bloody Pox’s OA reduction debuff! Makes us much stronger now :). I’ll be sure to add that to the guide and thanks again <3

Thanks for the explanation
Looking forward to the updated version of this build :slight_smile: