Head armour

1976 hours played, 12 classes to level 85, I have every legendary item in the game except for any of the head armour plans. Minimum of 30 mins every day dedicated to farming before I get fed up and play a mod. Conservative estimate of 50+ Anastasia kills and still no drop and I’ve literally killed more Nemesis than I’ve had hot dinners since 1.06.
I don’t run BoC very often but surely these plans are not confined to only dropping in this one place. So without wanting to sound like a whiney bitch can anyone suggest where to look for these elusive drops. It’s now become a matter of pride to find them so I’d prefer not to trade or download from somewhere.
Many thanks for any help.

At well over 1000 hours i still din’t have all helms. You can try crucible challenger/gladiator. They will show up

This is the problem. This guy almost dedicated his time that will make him full even in a MMO but not in this game… And this guy is not the only one… RNG system must be fixed as soon as possible. Crucible is not a good solution, nor should be. Pseudo-random distribution and weight system must be brought to table. Developers chose always the easy way out; “blaming it on RNG”… Directx 11 migration is a great way of Crate taking responsibility and now rng must be changed so they can finally have their redemption which includes both TQ and this =)

Well I hadn’t received a helm blueprint in over 150-200 hours, then started farming Anasteria on Ultimate/Nemesis 2 days ago for the hood for my Sorcerer. I had the Warborn and Light’s Defender Helm blueprints drop within 40 mins of each other. It just depends if RNGsus is kind to you.