Healing Buffs Discussion

Could Word of Renewal be changed to a constant buff? Having to re-cast buffs continuously is annoying.

Except it’s not meant to be a constant buff, it’s an healing skill.

10% less damage from Chthonics
10% less damage from Eldritch
+15% movement speed
+115 DA
+815 health
30% freeze resist
30% petrify resist
30% trap resist
32 elemental weapon damage
+50% pierce damage
+50% elemental damage
+20% damage to Chthonics
+20% damage to Eldritch
30% aether resist
30% chaos resist

“not meant to be a constant buff”

Ok, let’s try this again… it’s not meant to be a permanent, toggleable Aura buff, for the same reason why Blood of Dreeg or Pneumatic Burst isn’t either…

Pet healing. ^^

Blood of Dreeg is annoying for the same reason. The Cornucopia guys got that one right.

The character I am playing at the moment is Witchhunter with time dilation. I am casting Pneumatic Burst and Blood of Dreeg a whole lot. I suspect you wouldn’t like it.

Personally I think it is a good mechanism to differentiate the abilities from typical buffs. The instant heal adds quite a bit of strategy to combat. But I do understand the other point of view, it’s another key to press and some characters can get pretty loaded.

As a Cornucopia guy, debatable. I’m having more and more regrets about that change the more I dwell on it.

Pretty much this. God forbid that you actually have to press some keys to actually play the game…

While some skills might have similar mechanics, the new masteries needs to offer something to make them unique, and not to homogenize them by making them similar to the masteries on vanilla GD… plus the Inquisitor is designed to be used with some strategy in mind… it’s not your everyday “hold LMB to win” mastery, and I’m very happy that Crate made the Inquisitor unique in this aspect.

I would understand this if the skill actually had a cooldown that was longer than the duration (e.g. like Overguard from the soldier class).

However, on e.g. Pneumatic Burst the cooldown is 10 seconds, and the duration (of the buff) is 24 seconds. Now it just feels like a heal skill with a buff attached (or the other way around), which you’re pressing as soon as it comes of cooldown if you’re using it for the modifiers. The same goes for Blood of Dreeg. For me it just feels a bit awkward, but it might just be the fact that I’m not used to this kind of skill (design) :slight_smile:

Turn it into a passive toggle, you’ll be missing having that burst heal on tap soon enough.

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Yes, I know, I’m not arguing the fact that the heal is very useful. I’m just saying that it feels weird to have a (heal) skill with duration > cd that is also a buff :slight_smile: Personal preference.

I know it’s not going to happen, but I would love to have skills that would ‘evolve’ into toggles/taps when they are modified, e.g. when you unlock Markovian’s Defense (modifier for Overguard) it would turn into a toggle, or have the Pneumatic Burst change into a toggle for the buff, and a ‘tap’ skill for the heal. Or something.

I’m not even sure if it’s possible to turn an active into a passive once it’s in the tree. Don’t quote me but I think I might have seen mention that it isn’t within the engines capabilities to do that.

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I think you’re right, but for some reason I think I remember playing a class mod for Titan Quest that did this? Or at least have a skill modifier that was an ‘activation’ skill.

Thinking about it, didn’t the unofficial patch do this with the Spirit mastery and the Deathchill / Necrosis skill line, because it was bugged?

Edit: http://titanquest.wikia.com/wiki/Ravages_of_Time

This skill was originally a passive upgrade to Deathchill Aura, but it was replaced with a sustained version in Fanpatch due to bugfix.

Then explain me the healing part, then? How are you gonna use the heal part if it’s a constant buff? Same thing with Blood of Dreeg, these are meant to be healing skills.

I take the ability to heal a large portion of my health at a moment’s notice over being “annoyed” that i have to constantly cast it. Because pressing a single button is too much pain nowadays, apparently.

Ah, that looks like it was a total change of the skill tho. I was more eluding to having a skill already as an active in the tree and then having a modifier that changed it in to a passive. That’s what I meant by possibly not being… possible :slight_smile:

First you are right.

The Ravages of Time skill from TQ was if im not misled so heavily “workarounded” to make the skill even work in the game. Earlier it was a passive modifier, which killed nearly the complete DC-Aura.

From that point i would not use it as an example for anything.

Not weird at all… Word of Renewal and these skills are mostly healing skills, while their buff is a secondary effect to benefit you, until their cooldown wears off.

I like the way Crate designed these skills, because they are not just basic healing spells, but also can be used for an extra boost to you as well.

If it gets changed into a constant buff then the instant heal could easily be turned into health regeneration that approximately matches the healing output of the instant heal, under the assumption that the skill would be used upon recharge. An interesting idea to consider here is health regeneration based on max health, like 1% health per second. The energy cost per second would be 6 at rank 16 to match the one-time energy cost of the current skill.

Similar to what ThatRaptorGuy was saying, I use Blood of Dreeg (and will use Word of Renewal in the future) purely for the stats, because the recharge is 15 seconds, which makes the skill unreliable as an instant heal. With such a large arsenal of buffs (especially on Word of Renewal), the instant heal is merely a secondary benefit, a cherry on the cake. Maintaining the skill for its buff is top priority for me, so I built the habit of automatically refreshing the skill when it recharges. I don’t even wait for the effect to expire.

Exept one would use an instant heal for its full effect (when health is low) while regen has downtime (since you won’t be below max healt 100% of the time.)

A possible solution without engine limitation and/or balance issues could be to give those skills a transmuter that decreases health restored by 100% and increases duration to 450 or 900 seconds (to match the duration of buff potions).

This way you only have to reactivate it every several minutes which shouldn’t be that much of a problem.