Healing done by a skill displayed in tooltip

I think it would be neat if skills that restore health would show the amount they restore like skills that deal a percentage of your weapon damage do.

Example: 25% of attack damage + 300 health restored (425)

Even if they did, this wouldn’t help much as the tooltip/listed amount you receive from ADCtH would be vastly different to actual amount healed due to player damage modifiers that arn’t accounted for (e.g. replacers, WPS, crit damage) and enemy damage/life leech resistances (which can be lowered by players).

Only showing % health restored would be helpful and that’s not hard to work out anyway.

I just wish that Wendigo’s Mark has a tooltip while it’s healing in that moment like any active devotion skills. Or atleast some noticable aura that surrounds the character.

Except Wendigo Mark is just like Tip the Scales and any other AoE skills that deal damage in a radius. Why would it have a tooltip while healing or an aura around your character while active when other similar skills don’t have that?

Plus i recall that enemies get like a red skull above their head when it’s active.

This from what I remember. They get a series of red skulls that drift off their head, might be hard to see with more FX around but it exists.

I only noticed recently that Scales has a similar effect for a split second when it triggers (didn’t think it used to have any FX).

Yes. In a combat againts large number of enemies and their skills it’s really hard and even againts single enemies with lot’s of skill it’s still hard. This is important when it’s not binded to a skill like Wendigo Totem, you put it and forget it. But when it binded to another skill you might need to know whether it’s procced or not.

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