Healing Proc Devotions

Most builds i have seen attach healing procs (giants blood, wayward soul, healing rain) to a permanent buff like flame touched or vindictive flame. But yesterday I saw a build that linked it to blast shield. So does that mean that the healing proc will only activate when blast shield is active? If that is the case it makes sense to attach the healing proc to blast shield because you only want them to activate when your health if below 60%. But because blast shield lasts only 4 seconds, does that mean it may never cause the healing proc to activate?

yes, in both cases. Say if you were to have wayward soul on blast shield, it would ONLY trigger while blast shield is active but as you point out you have only that 4 second window to proc it. Granted this has some advantages, as Wayward Soul in particular has a fairly high activation chance, and “on hit” generally counts as anything that “hits” you be it DoTs, debuffs, and direct damage, and if you have it set to something that activates at XX% hp you won’t waste it like you would by having it on a buff that is up all the time and it going off whenever and not being up when you do need it.

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Just a little bit of extra info:

AFAIK these kind of celestial powers only gain “experience” when the buff you binded it to is active, so i would only bind it to blast shield when it reached max level cuz otherwise it would level up in a much slower rate.

I might be wrong on this though.

thanks guys. I tried it out and most of the time in the 4 second window (usually in the last second), giants blood seems to come up. Not too much of a problem in crucible since there are many things ‘hitting’ you. Hmmm interesting thought about the xp and devotions levelling up.