Healing Rain vs. Giant's Blood?

Im conflicted on what to pursue for my devotion. Can you people give suggestion like what’s more benefitial overall taking into consideration the skill path spent on both?

Both if you can, Giant’s blood if you need more offensive devotions.

Giant’s blood gives you shitload of flat hp regen, healing rain gives you shitload of % hp regen. They make up perfect combo, but if you want take only one of them for whatever reason it depends on what you have more on your gear and skills: if flat hp regen (blood of dreeg, menhir’s will and bulwark, etc) that take healing rain, if a lot % hp regen (tenacity of the boar, etc) take giant’s blood. But overall giant’s blood is less requiring so more preferable.

Yup, behe is easily to get, tree of life requires a devoted constellation setup. The latter also provides a much higher %HP gain, along with the improved healing. It’s simply a higher tier.
Mind that if you take both, if procs happen to trigger simultaneously, healing rain overrides the giant’s blood.

Behemoth Hawk and Viper combo is one of the most efficient ones

So I’ve been tweaking with the calculator and I came up with this for my DW Nightblade/Occultist, This was the best setup I was able to come up to considering that I was also going for Blind Fury. BTW I tried Blind Fury and Tree of Life and it was’nt doable at least on my trial, if you ever get a working Tree of Life + Blind fury build kindly let me know.

Any suggestions or critisisms are welcome and much appreciated

Are you sure? How then i could get 2,5k+ hp regen?
Is there any confirmation on this?

What type of build and damage type(s) are you going for?

pretty sure thats not the case

mostly just physical damage from execution and AQC and bonuses from blood of dreg and posession from the occultist tree.

Giant’s Blood/Healing Rain is just to augment the healing effeciency of pneumatic burst which is a great skill already on its own.

Ye, I’m also sure that there were 2 those procs running simultaneously.

It just depends on what you are trying to do and how your build is setup. If you have some skill points devoted to defensive abilities (e.g. My melee pyro has significant investment in blast shield and blood/aspect), you may be perfectly fine without getting both (I only use Behemoth of those two).

Going 20 primordial + 7 order isn’t all that great for some damage types. On the build I’m working on right now, I went for Behemoth, Chariot of the Dead, Ghoul, and Lizard. Going for Tree of Life would mean giving up my aoe proc’s and a ton of % fire/elemental damage; I’d be better off switching my relic to Aegis and keeping my current tree than switching to Tree of Life.