Health bars... is this the only ARPG that doesn't support it?

That would be awesome if developers could add it in a small patch. The combat without health bars really feel weird.

Trash doesn’t need them, they die quickly enough. Bosses have them if your cursor is over it. I think, in this one, they’re not needed.

Actually, everything has health bars if you put your cursor over them.


I hope my reply helped you.

Everything has health bars, you move your cursor over and you can see them.

Weak mobs don’t need them as they die fast and the only time you really need to keep an eye on somethings hp will be a boss and you will be focusing on that anyway so you will always see it.

If everything in the game had a health bar all the time it would look really annoying.

I’m one of the people pulling for health bars as well. Just make them optional, nobody has to use them.

I find health bars very useful when prioritizing targets (especially while kiting), keeping track of enemies that blend into the environment, and it’s plain satisfying to watch a cluster of health bars evaporate from a good AoE.

I wonder why this doesn’t get talked about more, is there just not enough support for them? Threads are made about this all the time but never really get enough discussion.

I’d love to hear a convincing viewpoint against health bars - ones that don’t require hovering the mouse over an enemy.

I think the viewpoint is that Crate’s efforts would be better spent on other content rather than adding in the healthbars. Although personally I am indifferent towards them and don’t think adding them would hurt the QOL or aesthetic of the game, it seems like an insignificant thing comparatively to the expansions being worked on.

Pretty much this, when it comes to anything regarding GD.

Would you rather have Crate devote time to working on new stuff like game modes, orrrrr health bars? I mean its a simple choice imo. They don’t have a massive team of devs working, it’s a handful of guys.

clearly that is the problem
they need some girl devs then :smiley:

Ahahahahaha :smiley:

A fact well known. And I’m amazed that a team as small as Crate was able to create this game, but the polish shows in the little details.

Did Crate need to redesign the skillbar/health UI? The character detail tabs? Add stack splitting? Auto-pickup of potions/iron? Voiceovers? These things aren’t necessarily new content or gameplay changes, but they do feed into to the overall feel of the game.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for new content and gameplay modes, and while I understand that it takes priority, I don’t see a reason why UI improvements can’t be incorporated into the expansion.

Granted, some of the previous QoL improvements could have been low-hanging fruit, and depending on the engine they’re working with, implementing health bars might very well be more difficult than it sounds. But I’m of the opinion that the addition will make a positive impact.

Health bars are really the one thing I think this game is missing (UI-wise), which is why I’m so adamant about them being added in at some point.

Because stuff like UI improvements shouldn’t be relegated behind paid DLC? :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys sound like if it is too hard to develop health bars. It is a work of a few hours. I’m saying this because I’m a game developer myself.

Some epic monsters has star icon on top of them. It is essentially the same thing, except you show a red bar instead of a star sprite. The calculation is very simple either. Total hp / current hp = percentage of red bar width. That’s it really. I don’t know Grim Dawn’s mechanics yet but monsters doesn’t have armor or energy shield like in other games that has to be colored differently which brings additional complexity.

Health bars optimize my gameplay. I can simply dot a monster and decide to keep attacking or running away depending on monster’s current health. If it has a HP like 10%, I can start moving the next pack as the dot will kill it. I hate wasting my time trying to get in the melee range, just to find out dot killed it half way through. Also, using a huge AOE and destroying health bars is an amazing feeling. Grim Dawn’s gameplay feels so dull in this aspect. You kill things you can barely notice in the screen. Monsters behind rocks and trees. They are dying but you just can’t grasp how they died.

I know you don’t want an UI clutter. That was PoE’s concerns too and they added a toggle feature. Feel free to go through each PoE stream and tell me how many people play that game without health bars. Actually, health bars is the first feature I develop when I start developing a new game nowadays. It is one of the core features of ARPG genre that literally takes almost no time to develop with great benefits.

I’m one of the first buyers of Grim Dawn but the game was terrible back then. (had 15fps on my 6950 which was a high-end card few years ago) Had a level 15 character and quitted. Lately I got two toons to 40. Everything seem great but the game misses more QoL stuff in addition to the missing healthbars.

For example, giving feature to abandon quests. More information about where to go to complete a quest. This is the first game I have to read quest description to complete it. Other games has pointers, or show them on map UI with a ! icon. I had to browse Grim Dawn wiki for half of the quests because I had no idea where to go. “Kill 3 unique monsters around Wightmire.” I searched for the final one for one hour straight, just to figure out the monster is actually very far away from Wightmire, standing in a house next to Burial Hill.

I leveled myself to 40 and still couldn’t complete 3 Fabric quest because I didn’t know where Fabric drops. Browsed Grim Dawn wiki and realized it drops in a level 19 area. Said meh, not worth my time. Guess what, the quest cannot be abandoned.

Then, random star icons on the map GUI. “Oh, I completed a quest I think. Let’s talk with this NPC.” Nope. He has a gray quest icon. No idea why the game shows me it as a yellow star.

I’m not asking for something that is too hard to implement. Just basic functionality. The QoL stuff in this game definitely needs a hand sometime soon. Even the inventory feels really clunky. You have a main inventory, then additional bags. Each additional bag requires a click on bag icon. You can’t combine gems if they are in seperate bags for example so you have to manually move every 1x1 sized item to main bag and click the combine icon afterwards. Why don’t you increase the size of main bag if they serve no purpose rather than just being a bag? Torchlight had additional bags but you could depart your pet to sell items so it made sense. This one, not so much.

Anyway, if this game gets health bars, I’ll be sooooo happy.

Same here.

Am I crazy? Every enemy has a health bar. What am I missing?

He’s referring to health bars that would float above the enemy’s head so you could see their health without having to target them.

We mean health bars above monsters, something like this: