Health regeneration Methods?

So im a bit of an altaholic and have played a variety of class combos up to level 60 or so. Ive noticed on certain characters that have weapon damage skills such as phantasmal blades or forcewave, maintaining high health regeneration through lifesteal is relatively easy. That being said, on certain casters such as my CT spellbinder im leveling, I feel very fragile and dont seem to have many health regeneration options. I understand that CT has weapon damage on it, but its a small percentage and doesnt seem to benefit much from the limited lifesteal i do have. Basically, besides the minimal lifesteal i benefit from and siphon souls, what options should i be looking for to keep me healthy and not chugging health pots on CD. I’ve tried Giants Blood and it helps, but doesn’t seem to be consistent enough for extended boss fights. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Devotions: Lizard / Scythe for some passive healing, Dryad for a proc. Dryad works better for more squishy characters than on hit procs from giant and chariot.

Gear: Fleshwarped shield is a good one to use if you use a shield. Gollus ring from the shrine area with dermaptean queen. Jewelry and shield in general can come with much more regen than armor pieces so I look out for it there.

Rare component in boots gives a quite a bit flat regen.

Royal jelly potions.

Other than that, if I don’t have occultists, nightblade, or shaman for on demand healing I just use a lot mroe potions. Could use Aporcathy gloves which give you a healing skill.

Kill before being killed

Arcanist and Necromancer both have skills that can negate a lot of damage with Mirror and Mark of Torment. Maiven’s Sphere of Protection is also good defensively.

If you aren’t using Necromancer’s life steal skills definitely using itemization or devotion if you are in need of some healing.

First, it’s kinda hard to give advice for mid-game as gearing at that stage is random. I can only speak for endgame so pardon me if I’m off topic.

  1. CT binder is one of the most unkillable builds itg. First of all keep your DAMAGE OUTPUT high: cast speed, fire to aether conversion, aether flat and %, resistance reduction, oa, crit dmg, etc. The beauty of adcth: the better the offense the better the sustain. Book of Agrivix will give you extra weapon damage. Until then just get more adcth (Restless Remains on the gloves, Seal of Blades or Haunted Steel on the weapon, Ghoul devo, Revenant devo, Bat devo, Toad devo).

But at endgame the infamous Mirror-MoT-Time Dilation chain cast makes binders incomparably resilient if not simply immortal. Look forward to THAT

  1. Although there are builds that successfully use some combination of Behemoth, Dryad, Chariot, Turtle, Crab and other healing/dmg absorption devos as well as stack heath regen (the stat not as you referred to all sustain) - overinvesting in those is a waste of points for builds with access to weapon damage imo.