Hello all. New-ish to the game. Help on a bleed-dmg build

Hey everyone. I recently decided to come back to Grim Dawn after a bit of a hiatus. The last time I played, there were no expansion packs, and I believe the level cap was 50.

Anywho, I was hoping for a bit of help with what would essentially be a “beginner’s” guide to a bleed damage-based build. So far I am literally only about an hour into the game, but I really like Blitz to close in, and then Blade Arc to finish them off… Based on that, what sort of build should I aim towards? I still haven’t even chosen a secondary mastery, nor have I spent any of the devotion points (3 or 4?) that I have yet.

Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to you all!

Welcome back. :grinning:

Do you have the expansions now? Makes a difference to the advice we can give you.

Yes! I guess I should have made that clear. I am 100% current and up to date with all expansions! :smiley:

Ok so you have soldier as one mastery. Since soldier do not have bleed resists reductions, I’d pick Shaman as second mastery and would grab Devouring swarm and Primal bond.

Then you have this nice faction weapon in FG Rancor

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Definitely Warder (Soldier/Shaman).

Look up the Build Compendium, “Boatman of Styx”. :slight_smile:

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So, if I understand you guys correctly, I need the Shaman secondary in order to make the enemies weak towards the bleeds I apply? And thank you Rhylthar, I will definitely look up that build.

Any advice for best early devotions?

yes, many monsters have huge bleeding res, you wanna lower that so that you deal damage as effective as possible. Also Shaman has good utility skills and exclusive for bleed.

Good devotion to start with is of course Falcon, bind the proc to devouring swarm. Then you want Huntress.

Would you consider Rancor better than M. Guillotine?

I am not a big bleed players, but Rancor is very good since it is a guranteed 2H bleed weapon.

For 1H option, I’d consider these Scorpius Bludgeon Totally Normal Buckler
also this a cute bleed soldier faction amulet Bloodsurge and medal Mark of the Farseer (at least in patch we did talk about this medal for suitable changes)

I hate to be a bother with this one, but what is FG?

Forgotten Gods :slight_smile:

Quick sketch of a 2H bleed warder with basically just faction gear https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gG8OO2