Hello all :)

I’ve been playing on PC since 1999 (almost) and have been mostly a FPS player (Quake 3 Arena, UT and Tribes Vengeance)and rpg gamer which obviously include D2, little TQ and Torchlight. I’ve been interested in Grim Dawn since a RPS article said that it would be less approachable for casual gamers and would be more hardcore :stuck_out_tongue:

It is with joy in my heart that I welcome another member of the glorious PC gaming master race!

Thank you :slight_smile: I have been waiting eagerly for indie titles like TL2, Krater and Grim Dawn which are a fresh breath of air among stale and stupidly overpriced AAA titles nowadays. Though there is no window of release on the above mentioned games, I am hoping that I will get to play them in 2012. Also hoping there will be a class like Gunslinger/Rogue hybrid or something like Engineer or a heavy tank/damage dealer class.

hi and welcome, nice to see another member join the GD ranks

Hey deathwings51,

Welcome aboard!

I am glad the oldschool-style games still attract so many players! =)

See ya around!

welcome to the forums!

Welcome Deathwings51

Are you also the same DW from the borderlands forums…if so i have you to thank for my ongoing search for the elusive specter com (i have found only one):smiley:

enjoy your stay;)


Yes I am the same culprit :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck for the Specter COM hunt. Btw, I am unable to recognize you. What was your username in GBX forums ?

User name same as here but only posted once in relation to loot larceny, specter coms and farming (siren section)…but read (lurk)…well ive done lots of that with regards to borderlands:D

you guys have a good and knowledgeable team of forum users there, hope to see more of you here



edit…found 2 coms but 2nd was absolutely rubbish:)