Hello all!

I presume most of you are fking disappointed with the way Blizzard made D3 to look like. I am just a huge Diablo 1 and 2 fan since 1999. When I saw Grim Dawn i just got my eyes popped. It’s the kind of game i was looking for and my money is not going for D3 anymore. I found you when i discovered a video on youtube called “Diablo 3 alternative games”.

Yes, i played Titan quest, but i had no idea that you were developing such a tasty gore game style. This worth my money.

Farewell diablo 3.

Hey there chief! :smiley:

I think we have a good mix of people who both like/dislike the D3 direction, but luckily the common denominator for all of us is we really like where GD is headed.

Glad you’re joining us to give more input on the topic(s).

yeah there is a good mix of I like D3 / I don’t like D3

personally I can’t stand D3 or the direction its taken, but there are plenty of posts on that subject, just do a search, but the people on the forum is very civil, so you won’t get any fanboys or mods locking or deleting posts or flaming , as they don’t want any anti D3 talk

but anyway, welcome to the forums, we are a good bunch here, so enjoy your stay

Welcome to the forums.

I liked the final battle in the D3 demo. That kept me on my toes!

That leoric is a joke for me as well as that cathedral xd. Everything in that place is bizarringly bigger than the character. I even dislike the fact of calling the classes heroes lol, this was the feeling i had in diablo 1 or even in diablo 2, u are a common guy who are gonna get crazy with things u’ll see. It became a cliché in d3, looks like the classes are not humans at all. This is way too much fantasy.

Leoric is giant and disfigurated, wasnt him just a big skeleton? I don’t get the evil atmosphere on him anymore as well as the lack of imagination to redo the opponens and create new ones with improved graphics keeping that level of obscuity…in D1 the sound he used to do was threatening, he now makes me go neutral. And what about those walking skeleton minions, i could say i hate their look too, made of Styrofoam with childish sounds. Just like torchlight, “easy made” and not fun at all.

You know, i’ve seen some places i like, such as “the festering woods” like in here watch?v=Yg0gyZe562I&feature=related, but constructions, in my opinion, are a bad joke, everything is polished and beautiful, like they wasnt being payed to build it with more depth and complexity. Look at D3 dungeons from he cancelled 2005 version and u’ll get my point. Walls look old and under degradation.

There are moments i decide to buy D3, but also others like now, when i want it to be a big fail. LOL

I will surely play GD tho, and i hope it makes me forget d3 forever.

Hi Zimbean,

Welcome to the forums and community, enjoy your stay :slight_smile:

Now that is a fun topic to talk about here, some love it like me and others hate it. The community here are a fun bunch to chat with, no personal attacks, rude comments, its all very civil which is tough to find these days on forums especially with D3 as the topic :smiley:

At least we all like where GD is going :wink:

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I am a new member. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guy !

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Hey Zimbean,

Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay! =)

Good choice. =))