Hello all!

Hi, I was a fan of TQ, really enjoyed the game and IT (lol I even reinstalled it to enjoy a time warp), and thought “heck, why not give Grim Dawn a go, it looks promising!”
So I got the Patron pack and started playing it… and have to say I very much enjoyed the experience! the graphics are awesome, the atmosphere is great and the storyline promises :), It even took me back to the first apocalyptic Fallout game sometimes, with your gun shooting here and there on a nearly destroyed outland… epic
It has so very few glitches for an Alpha it is surprising so all the better, and music I definetly like! very good work so far I must say :slight_smile:

So far I have played with a ranged Demolitionist/Ocultist upto Warden, so can only comment on it’s gameplay /skills, but here goes it.


I got the fire strike line, upto Static Strike, and I ended redistributing the points spent here by focusing on the basic skill and was aiming to Splinter. I firstly spent a few points on Explosive Strike, but in it’s actual state it’s very lackluster, a pass-by to reach Splinter imho, the added physical damage is pretty nothing, would be more interesting if instead of that fixed amount it would deal a small % of your base damage instead.

Stun Jacks: wow! that is a very usefull skill, albeit I too ended deleveling it to level 1, the real power of this skill is the stun part, I’d focus on that aspect for the skill more than on it’s damage for levels 2-12, increase the stun duratiion and radius and have the damage scale with Full Spread solely, should someone use it for it’s damage part.

Grenado: damn! thats a powerfull skill! really worthile focusing on it, between Stun Jacks and Grenado, the Demolitonist has some very powerfull survival skills, and that’s without having tested Flashbang.

From the Occultist part I just took the Raven familiar and Mend Flesh, man this is a life safer on some situations, even having them both at level 1! The idea is to reach Storm Spirit and empower the fire damage of the Demolitionist.

Will now go and test the Soldier!

Hello and welcome, nice to see more fellow TQ players joining.

Welcome to the forum.