Hello all!

Hello ladies and gents,

I am a long-time ARPG player who has recently discovered and enjoyed Grim Dawn immensely. This forum, grim tools, and the Japanese wiki have all been instrumental when it came to me better understanding the beast that is Grim Dawn.

And since many of you have been directly involved with said resources, thank you, your efforts are much appreciated. A big thank you to Crate as well, you have made a fantastic game. I truly look forward to what it will become in the coming years given that it is ALREADY this great, the foundation specifically, can be used to make almost endless content.

I look forward to learning more and getting to know some of you as well!


Hello MyWillYourFate,

and welcome to the forum and grim dawn

Hi there, this forum is crowded with weird people. You can’t say noone told you.

That’s getting personal… :stuck_out_tongue:

…and, MyWillYourFate, welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the game and to the forum. Ignore They Live - he’s weird. :wink: But in a nice way.

That’s what i get for caring about newcomers :disappointed:

We love you really They Live. :slight_smile:

Don´t know why you´d think you´ll want to play GD for years, but anyway: welcome. waves frantically I recently hit 3k hours played, but don´t tell anyone! Just kidding, if you have gotten properly infected, GD will entertain you for quite a while.

So … you are using the Japanese wiki and your name is Hans … what´s up with that?

Good to see you being so enthusiastic about this game, welcome to the forum!

Hah! Well, the Japanese wiki is egregiously in-depth in terms of mechanics, they know their Grim Dawn, and it translates fairly well. Using the best resources has little to do with culture or ethnicity, you should know this given that you are German, and on an American forum :p.

But since you are curious, my grandparents are German-Hungarian. They had their land seized by the Nazi’s, fathers conscripted, and they themselves transported to east Germany. They later fled to west Germany and escaped to the US in 1946. And thus, the story of why I have a German name.

Look, the “weird” levels of this forum were in the normal range until Zantai took it to new levels spending his fortune on zentai’s and subjecting us to his fetish.


Okay, you got me. :wink:

Congrats on the name, it´s nice to see the traditional names live on somewhere. Most german parents these days wouldn´t be caught dead giving their children those.

That´s not true anymore.

Traditional names are very poular at the moment. My son is going to the kindergarten and there are a lot of girls and boys with names my father, grandfather, etc. have/had.

A neighbour of my parents called her son “Bruno”; when I heard that, I first asked if she got a child or a new dog. :rolleyes:

And welcome, Hans. :slight_smile:


Welcome and new to the forums and not to the game :slight_smile:

This game is pretty much exactly what i’ve been looking for since the death of d2. Also much better in many ways!
Also new here to the forums.

Welcome to you all. Enjoy both the game and the forum. :slight_smile: