Hello everybody

I am a player who discovers Grim Dawn since a while, I am French and unfamiliar with the site, I would like if there is a forum reserved to French
to talk to me…

I like video games and i am a modder for other games

Former player on Titan Quest, I discovered with pleasure Grim Dawn …

And in fact the reason for my coming is rather simple, my game freeze to death in a certain place …

( Old Arkovia and The Dephts of Old Arkovia )

If anyone can point me to the right place or post a message, it would be great
Because my understanding of English is rather low or average.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community. Hope you enjoy the game.
I know there is a thread for the French translation, but I have not seen a page for just discussion.
Hopefully, I am wrong and it is somewhere.

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Thanks you
Let’s hope so…

Because my problem prevents me to play

To find the translation page, which is basically turning grim dawn text to French, it is in the community and then translation.

But if you have a question, you can post it in French, and I am sure than any French speaking player, will be able to answer. … if not, other players will Google translate and answer back as best as they can

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Hello Lysandre,

and welcome to the forum and grim dawn

Thanks to all,

Je vais me débrouiller pour essayer de trouver le bon topic.

Car mon jeu bugue toujours…

Welcome to the forums, frenchie! :wink:

welcome to the forums and GD :smiley:

in case you have not found it yet here is a link to the french translation page this might be able to lead you in the right direction.

If your crashing in that one area i would suggest verifying the game through steam and running the repair exe in the GD install folder. :slight_smile:

welcome to the community and this great game! enjoy Cairn! :slight_smile:

Thanks to all, i appreciate :slight_smile:

I repair the game via the repair exe in the Game Data install folder,
and no change the game freeze actually… :frowning:

I can not play…

And second problem:

I reinstall the game,
believing that it would change something

Now in My Documents folder and the folder " My Game "
I can not find the intended location for backups … ( Save )

Is this normal?

I have nothing except the Settings file

For my freezes problem,

may be a next update of developers will change anything