Hello Everyone, My Honest Opinion on Grim Dawn

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and everything else in-between. My honest opinion of this game, well, in a word: amazing!

Now for when i first started:
The game barely had act one implemented and none of act two, and the other acts, expansions, and dlc were years away. I honestly cannot remember when i first started but it was still in early access.

My Experience: Holy frick i was confused as hell when i first started. Components, the heck are these? Wait, they combine to make a bigger and better one, wow! Relics, what am I a dungeon delver? Oh cool they augment your playstyle and build. Different rarities, jesus this is like D3 but better already. Bosses that talk while fighting, wow its like im raiding in WoW. And more.

The depth of this game is amazing, the lore is in notes, it feels like dark souls where you go around getting bits and pieces of the whole story while figuring out a huge chunk of a puzzle but never get the whole picture until every piece fits perfectly.

Every time a part of a new act came out i was stunned by the sheer volume of new content the devs could add in just a few months, not to mention the teasers for all the new content upcoming soon. I kept up to date on that religiously.

Zantai, Grava, the rest of you lovely devs: thank you so much for this game, its everything i wanted from an ARPG, dungeon crawler, lootsplosion genre. I have autism and suffer from severe depression among other things and this game helps me keep focused and to keep going. Makes me happy and I’ve recorded so many videos and builds for this game, it never not kept me entertained over the years.

Brandon, HoldMyGame


That was about six years ago. Act 2 was released in February 2014. :slight_smile:

Love the article! When I read my honest opinion, was worried for some uncalled mystery reasons, but is nicely written.