Hello everyone... still here!

I used to comment on this forum long time ago. Had a different username.

Basically, had my ‘fun time’ with Grim Dawn and decided to only passively play it so that it wouldn’t consume my gaming life like Diablo 2 had in the past. The really nice thing about GD is that it’s not online-only so you can return to it whenever you miss it. But when they take down servers for all those other online-only games, you have nothing.

Anyhow, I’ve been lurking in the forums every now and then - and I’m excited for Crate’s new game. That’s the story.

Good to see the Grim Dawn online community still expanding!


Welcome back!

Yes, GD is nice in the era of online only gaming. You compete against yourself and the game challenges and not against opponent. You can easily turn the game, whenever you want. Not that you want to do it, no :smile:

Grim Dawn slowly creeps up to take the number one spot for my hours on steam. Great game with continued support and it’s nice being able to take a break and come back without feeling like you’re behind or missed out on anything time sensitive.

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