Hello everyone!


I’m a long-time Titan Quest fan who just discovered this awesome game. It’ll be really exciting to follow its development up to its release - if anyone can make a good action RPG, it’s you guys.

Just bought a Legendary game key and made an account on the forums - so… see you around, I guess. :wink:

Hello & Welcome!

graTz on the Legendary Purchase!

Now the waiting begins (hopefully not “too” much longer) :wink:

Regards & Good Hunting


Let’s wait altogether.

Seems like people are joining everyday, this is great!

WOW we seem to be getting more and more people joining and buying the legendary keys recently

but anyway hi and welcome and see you around the forums

and hope its not to long until alpha :slight_smile:

Thanks for the warm welcomes! This seems like a really awesome community - just as friendly as one would expect. :slight_smile:

So yeah! Let’s wait together. :smiley:

Hello Eltu, welcome to the forum. It’s great to see more and more people joining everyday.