Hello everyone

Hello, I’m Andrew from Russia.

I’m a big fan of Titan Quest. I bought original TQ in 2007 and after I realized it’s a great game I bought the add-on. I’ve been playing it ever since. Believe me or not I hadn’t played Diablo before TQ and after I tried I thought Diablo isn’t cool at all. Few weeks ago I had the first problem reading my DVD with TQ that’s why I bought TQ Gold in Steam but I think you won’t get this money nor will get other IronLore ex-developers.

Anyway you do great work and I can’t wait to play GD.
PS: I’m going to order Epic edition very soon

Welcome Fizzics,

I believe you about the Diablo part. While I played games mildly before TQ, it was my first obsession too.

Welcome to the board! The money from Steam won’t go to the devs anymore, but at least the praise for playing that awesome game will :slight_smile:

I also wanted to say than after years playing in Russian English version of TQ was very uncomfortable but at least I tried awesome TQ Underlord. Too bad Steam can’t add officially translated Russian TQ.

Hi Fizzics,

Welcome aboard! =)

I must say, I am big fan of D2 and I have been playing it since the very launch (still have it installed and farm occasionally), but TQ, TQ was different. It had its own magic in it and I loved it. Thinking about it now, I do not think I can even compare the two for they were both completely different experience for me, heh. =)

yes both D2 and YQ are awesome games in their own right,

but anyway, hi and welcome, hope to see you around the forum

Yay! I finally bought my Epic key! Unfortunately I can’t buy Legendary one because I’m low on cash but I hope this will help the development. I won’t post much because I’m not a forum person. I’m just going to read everything :smiley:

Keep on doing your job, Create. You are all awesome!

Great! I am sure guys from Crate appreciate it! And we all do as well, because the game will be out faster! =)


Also, don’t be shy, we don’t bite…often… =))

I’m not shy I just don’t like typing and posting info. Also often people say what I want to say faster. It’s like “my opinion has already been shared” :slight_smile:

Then I should stop posting I guess, as I mostly just parrot what someone said, or say my own opinions, which mostly come out as…well, idiotic…dunno what’s better. =)))

But I know what you mean, I was just joking. =)