Hello Everyone

Hope you guys are doing well. I recently moved to Grim Dawn, and I am really fascinated by the game, a classic/epic arpg. Played a little Van Helsin months ago, Grim Dawn is way better than it in terms of the content, class combination and skill build. The game reminds me the time I was playing Titan Quest, it was a lot of fun. I remember to beat the ultimate difficulty final boss(level 90) with a 57 mage. As I like to build skills/gears with an extreme way:to only add one attribute – damage, which makes me kill the bosses in short time(avoid the damage by running), it also gets me killed instantly a lot by the mobs/bosses:D.

Welcome and enjoy Grim Dawn!!

Welcome to the forums, glad you are enjoying GD! :smiley:

I wonder how long that would work in Hardcore.