Hello everyone!

My name is Felipe, i’m from Chile, i’m 22 years old and i’ve been playing Diablo 2 for the past 10 years of my life. One of my friends with whom i play D2 suggested me to try Grim Dawn last week and i’ve really enjoyed the experience. I’m a big noob in this game so i would appreciate it a lot if you could give me advice on which kind of build to start with. I’ve searched the forums and the guides but it seems to me that most of them are outdated. Any ideas on easy melee noob builds that can farm gear for better ones :eek: ?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

btw i’ve been playing a Druid and a Warder so far.

Welcome to the forums and to GD :smiley:

To be honest just start playing as anything and see where it ends up. :wink: Experimenting with all the different builds will really pay out in the long run and then from there you will be able to build what you personally like.

Anyways, for something easy to start with would be a retaliation build or a pet build IMO. I find these builds are the easiest to level up and grind gear for other toons. :slight_smile:

Hello Tío_Angustia,

and welcome to the forum and grim dawn