Hello everyone

Been playing Grim Dawn for a few months and lurking on the forums, but decided to sign up here while enjoying this awesome game that is Grim Dawn! The macabre world of Cairn as it is set after the Grim Dawn is exactly what I have been hoping to find in an ARPG game. Haven’t maxed out a character yet as I keep trying different types to see how they play.

As of this post I have a level 36 ranged Druid, level 52 ranged/pet Conjurer, level 28 melee Warder, and a level 31 melee Saboteur. I’m looking forward to the new x-pac to give the Inquisitor and Necromancer a go as well. Looking to check out the Grim Dawn Discord and hopefully get to experience group play with someone.

Thank you Crate Entertainment for this fantastic game!

Happy to have you with us! Welcome to the forums and Grim Dawn! :smiley:

Hello Decenticrate,

and welcome to the forum and grim dawn

welcome man … have fun