Hello everyone!

Hello! :slight_smile:

I just had to join this community! I bought this game on GOG a year ago but haven’t touched it since. In April, I bought AoM and started playing. I was hooked! It’s just like playing TQ or D2 again, but so much better… :smiley:
Hopefully, the next expansion will be just as great as the rest of the game!

So far, I have a level 99 Tactician who just reached Ultimate… but struggles in Aspirant Crucible. Maybe the community will help me improve upon my build? Would it be correct to post in “Classes, Skills and Builds” as I almost only saw there complete builds?

Greetings from Germany!

Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slight_smile:

Yes, the Classes section of the forum is the best place to post any queries about your build. For that though, if you want to use grimtools.com to link to your build, you’ll need to have 3 posts here on the forum so we have a dedicated thread for that too.


Stick a couple of whatever comments in there (keep it civil and polite please) and then you’re good to go. It’s a bit of a pain, but it’s part of the anti-spam measures here on the forum.

To put your build into grimtools you’ll need to click on the arrow with a bar underneath it then go to your save files and choose your character. Double click on the character and then choose the player.gdc file then click on Open. That will import your character’s details. Then click on the icon below the first one in grimtools and copy the link that appears and paste it here so others and see it and give advice/suggestions.

Crate Entertainment, the developers of the game, have a close relationship with the fan base and keep us regularly informed of what they’re up to game-wise. You will find their bi-weekly updates in this section of the forum


and they also do fairly regular live streams about the game as well. Sometimes it’s just one of the devs playing GD while we ask questions, others have been what the artists are working on or how the sounds and music for the game are made by Skewsound or Zantai (the dev who interacts most with the forum) showing off a new aspect of the game. If they’re going to stream they’ll announce it in this thread.


A couple of the recent streams have been put on youtube so you might want to have a look at them to see how diverse they can be.

Allminoxy’s arts stream.

Also Zantai showing us the new movement runes plus some new music from Skewsound.

Conversations are a bit one-sided since you don’t see the twitch chat part sadly, but they’re still interesting to watch.

The latest stream which was on the 22nd June is still available on Crate Entertainment’s Twitch page too.

There’s also an FG thread where I’m trying to gather all the relevant info/links/etc so they’re easily found.


Grim Dawn is the spiritual successor to Titan Quest since Arthur Bruno (who goes by the username Medierra here on the forum), the lead gameplay designer on TQ/IT, founded Crate Entertainment when Iron Lore folded and bought the TQ engine that GD’s been built on, albeit with much upgrading and improvements.

Thank you, medea fleecestealer, for your comprehensive reply!

It’s so great to see a developer team caring for and communicating with their dedicated fanbase. I will take my time to look into the streams you posted! A great game with a great developer :slight_smile:

Well, I guess it all started back when Medierra was working almost on his own developing the game. He wanted to keep those people who’d contacted him about it in the loop so started posting info when he had something he wanted to tell them about. Then people started asking if they could donate money or buy into the game and eventually that was set up too. Then in 2012 he ran a Kickstarter which was very successful and allowed him to hire more people full time. Even so it was 4 years later before the base game was fully released, but it’s wildly surpassed his original vision.

If you take the time to go back through the early threads in the Development Updates and Announcements and Information sections you can see how things progressed through the years. It’s been a pretty amazing journey. There are a couple of others from Iron Lore on the team and also a designer from D1/D2. And that’s another nice touch - most of the team have introduced themselves here on the forum when they joined Crate, giving us a bit of info about themselves so we know who they are and what role they play in the company.

Also Crate are working on a town building game, something totally different to GD. Here’s a screenshot from last Christmas.


It’s surely great to see how the game has evolved over time and what developments it has seen!
And a town-building game? Also a genre I very much like :slight_smile:

Yeah, me too. They’re my first gaming experiences when I got a PC of my own and I still enjoy playing them. Makes a change from all this hack ‘n’ slash stuff. :smiley:

Yeah, back in the day I played a lot of Settlers 2 and Caesar 3 :slight_smile: And more recently, Banished - the screenshot you linked reminded me a lot of that game!

Couldn’t get on with those myself. Played Pharaoh some, then got into Zeus: Master of Olympus, Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom and Children of the Nile. Did play Caesar IV some and I do have Banished, but haven’t really managed to get to grips with the barter system yet so my settlements tend to stall out after a few years. Just haven’t reached the point where I’m producing enough different items to make it worth their while to come and trade I guess.

First hint we got that a new project might be a city builder/strategy game was way back in 2011. :smiley:

Then we got a bit more info/lookie in 2016.


That was pretty much it until the Christmas screenshot which got everyone excited again. So we’re back to waiting patiently for Medierra to tell us more about it when he’s ready to reveal it (hint, hint Big M ;)).

So many good games and memories :slight_smile:
Hopefully the new game will be as good as Grim Dawn!

hi welcome! i am new as well!

Hello! Its nice to see so many new people joining!