Hello...former Path of Exile player

Got sick and tired of the FFA fanbois over at PoE. Looking for a more fun experience here!

Hi and welcome to the forums - we only have fan girls on this site so hope that is more to your taste :smiley:

In your dreams, I think the I could count the fangirls of this site on both hands.

But welcome. Our forums are fun, unlike most big game forums. Never been to POE forums. But the chat is annoying, I block that when I play.

Hello and welcome! This is an enjoyable forum. Been kinda quiet this close to Alpha though.

Welcome to Grim Dawn and hopefully you’ll have a better experience in both the forums and in the game.

every forum is good until until open beta

this forum will go straight to hell in 3-6 months

Sadly that will most likely be the case.

Maybe their can be a forum area where people can only access it if they have a certain amount of posts or something.

This man speaks the truth !!!

Hehe… well said! Prepare for a wave of smart arses, whiners, and those that don’t know the meaning of the word patience.

Other than that, welcome to the awesome world of GD!

Welcome! However, I also believe that Grim Dawn is taking the FFA approach as well unfortunately.

Welcome doober, may you have a better experience here!

I highly doubt there will be an open beta, so I guess we’re safe :smiley:

Promoting elitism isn’t something I can see working for this problem.

FFA is not a model I see working for a single player game. There has been no hint that GD is going to take this way.

I’m sure the forums will be fine, and if anything does happen, Crate could add a few more mods, but as the game is mainly focused on single player, not server based like POE, then I don’t think the forum will get too bad

You’ll find a lot of former PoE players in here :wink: Welcome and enjoy your stay.

Welcome OP.

I’m here looking for the next D2. Whats out atm just ain’t cuttin it for me.

D3 - well, we all know exactly why D2 is better than that

PoE - pretty fun but, imo they dropped the ball on a few things so, atm, its not killing the craving.

T2 - fun game to screw around with. not much more

next up Grim Dawn. :wink:

I’m pretty sure Grim Dawn is going to be FFA as well, just like TQ was. It’s def something I don’t like, but I think remember the devs saying they weren’t sure if they were able to change the loot rules from TQ.

Could be wrong though, hell, I hope I am :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm, I misinterpreted FFA to be free to play. Nvm my comment on that than.

i’m from path of exile too, very dissapointed by the maps drop system… its basicly waste all your currency on map and pray to have higher one.

Can’t wait to start grim dawn alpha !!!

Lol Yerkyerk. Misreading FFA for F2P… :stuck_out_tongue: