Hello Friends / Hola Amigos


I Chronikuz, i coming from the forum of “titanquest-esp”, this is the hispanic comunity of the fantastic Titan Quest. I am a part of the staff of the titanquest mod “The Revenge of the Titans, Diablo I tribute”.

I wanna say thanks for you job in this new game, the screentshoot are cool. My friends in the forum are very happy for the anouncement of Grim Dawn, we hope that this new game will better thant TQ.

Thanks for you job again and sorry for my bad english… sorry, soy latino :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey! Good to see you made it over. When will your TQ mod be out ? :smiley:

We hope to finish in june-july… i hope :smiley:

Check the mod screen here:


Let me try my Spanish: ¿De dóndes eres? Ojala que GD mejor que TQ también." Oh well, that is all I remember other than insults. Your English is much better than my Spanish.

Welcome to this place! I hope they can improve upon TQ too, but that is difficult a goal.

Im from Venezuela, but Im live in “El Salvador”, the other members of the mod staff are from Venezuela and Argentina.

You spanish is so good

Hi Chrono, Many people I know in the forum :p.
I hope that the mod this for July :D, es broma.