Hello from a longtime fan

Hi guys, I just registered today to say thank you Crate for this awesome game! Can’t wait for FG! :smiley:

I absolutely love Grim Dawn, it’s definitely in my personal top 5 of all time favorite games. The others btw are Doom II, Jagged Alliance 2, DayZ Epoch and Fallout 3.

Back when Diablo 1 and 2 came out I wasn’t interested in ARPGs at all, I was mostly playing FPS like Quake and UT at that time.
But in 2006 I got Titan Quest as a birthday present from my best buddy. I was instantly hooked. And when the credits rolled, I was moved to tears. Such an epic experience! I just wish GD had an ending like this, well maybe with FG or the next big patch.

After TQ woke my interest in ARPGs, I played Torchlight 1 & 2, Path of Exile, Diablo 3, Victor Vran, Van Helsing, and some others (GD beats them all btw).

Of course I had to get GD when I heard it’s by the same guys who made TQ. With the game still in Early Access, I played only one character up to level 60 or so and then put it aside. I almost forgot about it but then AoM was announced and I got back to playing GD alongside some friends, and I haven’t stopped ever since.

Now I got almost 1.8k hrs on the clock, but a good chunk of that is just sitting around in DC, chatting with players I met online or trying to cope with the crafting UI. :rolleyes:

I got about a dozen toons at level 100 which are mostly my own builds, but recently I’ve been lurking the forums to see what else could be done with the gear I already have. I’m still missing sooo many set items… Another reason why I can’t wait for FG: transmutation! :smiley:

I’m also interested in modding Grim Dawn, but I haven’t looked into it yet. I’ve been modding games since the Doom II era. I made tons of maps for Doom, GTA, Duke 3D, Quake 3, Unreal Tournament etc. Anyone remember LAN parties? Haha the good ol days…:slight_smile:
Later I got into modding Fallout 3 and Skyrim, that was a great time and so much fun. Most of my mods from that era are on the Nexus if anyone’s interested (I can’t spam links yet :p)
Most recently I was modding Arma 2 OA / DayZ Epoch where I had my own servers and sometimes helped the devs with playtesting.

That’s all about me I guess. Oh yea, and I love music. Gonna up my post count in the music thread :wink:

Seeya around! :slight_smile:

Music? What kind of music? Answer correctly and i forgive you for not playing d1 or 2.

Welcome to the forums Volek!

Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slight_smile:

You might want to look at Asylum101’s Grimarillion mod which combines several mods into one. He’s brought in the Titan Quest Immortal Throne masteries, some D3 ones from another mod and there are a few more mods thrown in for good luck. :smiley:

You will soon find out as I’m now able to post links in the music thread :smiley:
But generally anything that doesn’t suck. :stuck_out_tongue:
I read about Median XL and it sounds interesting so I might get around to playing D2 after all.:wink:


I just took a look at Grimarillion and it’s just too much. At this time I’m merely interested in new dungeons and maybe new quests, not more masteries and items. There’s already a ton of those in vanilla and I haven’t seen it all yet.:rolleyes:

Also I was thinking about doing the modding myself, I’d really love to make new dungeons for this game. I just gotta find the time and patience to really get into it.

Should still try Grimarillion. Has around 400 total mastery combos.

Also try Reign of Terror. Team is recreating Diablo 2 as a mod. Since Grim Dawn has different systems its not a 1:1 mod. Still pretty awesome and they’re adding Act 4 next month.

Sounds good! Thanks, I will take a look.

Hello Volek,

and welcome to the forum and grim dawn.

Most recently I was modding Arma 2 OA / DayZ Epoch where I had my own servers and sometimes helped the devs with playtesting.

the good ol’ days, I have played Arma 2 DayZ mod for a good amount of hours.

is there still such an active community?

You will need to read around as there are some differences. Instead of a leg from Tristram letting you enter the Cow level once a difficulty, there’s a goblin named ??? that drops a “Mysterious Key” that lets you enter the cow level. It is a random spawn though.


the modding community is still quite active, but it is a lot smaller since many people went off to Arma 3, DayZ Standalone (which is still broken after all these years) or other games. The DayZ Epoch mod is still in development, they recently added dozens of new zombies and fixed bugs for the upcoming patch.

Alright. I wouldn’t know the differences, as I have never played D1/D2 before. I know the cow level in D3 though, it was fun at first but quickly got really old (as everything in D3).

might give DayZ Epoch another try (you might got a link etc?)

also tried DayZ standalone that is a piece of garbage

I don’t think it’s garbage, it’s just broken in certain aspects. Persistance for base building objects for example. Too many stuff (players, objects) on a server = server crashes = database errors = no basebuilding possible.
Well yeah I guess it is garbage if one of the core features doesn’t work.:rolleyes:
But you can still enjoy the beautifully crafted landscape, also there are already tons of mods which can make the game enjoyable without basebuilding, at least for a while.

The currently most advanced DayZ Epoch server is probably this one:

It’s only PVE but one of the best servers ever, if not THE best. Of course I only say that because I was dev/admin on this server for several years, until the Grim Dawn happened. :wink:
It requires all the big mods to join, not only Epoch but also Origins Mod, Overwatch and a few smaller ones. I think the best way to get them is DayZ Launcher, just search for the server name, join and DZL should download the necessary files.