Hello from another Aussie

Hi all,

Thought I would start by saying hi to what seems like a good community that is growing here! Been lurking for a while while waiting for the beta to hit, but with the release of B12 figured there was no real reason to wait.

As a long time TQ player, I’ve been itching to get my hands dirty with GD and have just finished my first play through… not disappointed! :slight_smile:

I’ll no doubt be bumping into you all in the forum soon!


A fellow Aussie and TQ vet? Great! :smiley: Glad you decided to come forward and join us, as the community is truly excellent here. Hope to see you round some time! :wink:
Younghappy :slight_smile:

Thanks Younghappy, appreciate the welcome! I’m on the east coast, so I’m sure we’ll run into each other somewhere in the middle sometime haha :slight_smile:

My pleasure, always good to see more Aussies join the ranks, no matter the coast they’re on! :wink: Not long ago there weren’t that many Aussies on these boards (not that many I knew of at least), but recently, since the alpha, there’s been quite a few more of us join, and I’m rather enjoying it haha! Once again, welcome to the forums! :smiley:
Younghappy :slight_smile:

Welcome, Bandi. :slight_smile:

Cheers Cavar :cool:

G’day mate :smiley:

Hope you enjoy this game and the community as mu
ch as I do.

Catchya later.

Welcome and enjoy the game!

Hi Sun and DeMasked. Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: