Hello from California!

It’s hard to look at all these thread titles and the diversity of locations in which everyone comes from and then I come in here from California (how unoriginal). To my benefit, I suppose, I’m from an area in California called Humboldt and not many people know about it. Mainly because people think San Francisco is “Northern California” when in reality, here in Humboldt we are less than 2 hours from the Oregon border and San Francisco is a five hour drive south. Anyway, I tend to ramble so I apologize.

I’m a long time lurker, but after the Kickstarter have finally decided to join the fray of digital communication here on the Grim Dawn website. So with that I say, “Hello!”

What are some unique things about where I come from? Well the biggest one is that we are one of the marijuana capitols of the US (no I don’t have any and no I don’t smoke). Other than that we are home to many great movies or sequences from movies like: The Majectic, The Lost World Jurrassic Park, Outbreak, Salem’s Lot, Halloween 3, part of Return of the Jedi, and M. Night Shyamalan’s “After Earth” starring Will Smith!

Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction and I hope we all can have wonderful lengthy discussions about this amazing game!


Hi and welcome to the forums!

well, originality comes at a cost. i don’t think there is anyone on the forums from where i come from, but i’m proud to say that in my country, i was a 1Km drive from the scenes in Game of Thrones, amongst others.

anyway, hope you enjoy your stay here!

Hi from cali too!

Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I definitely plan to stay!

hello and welcome, enjoy your stay on these forums

Hey BeyondSpectrality,

Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay! =)

California uber alles ftw! Hi and welcome to the forum from rainy Lancashire - the UK’s answer to the sunshine state.