Hello from France

Hi Grim Dawn forum readers
I just discovered this game and I’m already waiting for it. I had already heard of it when the first images were released, but I didn’t really pay attention to it (don’t hurt me). Last week I started TQ and I was amazed by this game. So I looked for other games from studio, saw Grim Dawn, thought for myself that I already read this name. Googled it, and here I am :smiley:

Welcome to the forum!

Hi !

(Et bonne découverte du merveilleux Titan Quest !)

PS : on a aussi >>> une section Grim Dawn <<< sur le non moins merveilleux forum Titan Quest - FR. :smiley:

Here is a new frenchie on the Grim Dawn forum world.

I use this thread, no need to open another one for an introduction of myself.

Who am I ?
Male, 30 years (very old). My avatar is NOT a potatoe :D, it’s a stone… we call it “caillou” in french.

My life ?
I’m a croupier on a casino on the France west coast. I’m a big owner of bande dessinée (the french comics) A small PC player (as soon as my tennis elbow will ruin my gamer life).

Special apologies for my insanely poor english, but I will do my best to be readable. (It will be a good exercice for me too)

I subscribe the forum because I love how you do simple and interesting subjects about gameplay and the interactions between fans and developers.

Have a nice life all !

Hello Caillou!

Can’t say I see an avatar though…

Hu ? you are right hummm… Maybe because I use a *.gif file, I don’t see any animated avatar here.

I will try an image file.

How strange, it work on my profile page…

Oh they read mange in france as well? Übelblatt definetely kicks ass.^^


I belive many people read mangas in many countrys all over the world… like here in denmark ;D

anyways Hi and welcome

or should I say… bonsure xD? (can’t spell)

Yes I read mangas and comics too.

“Bonjour” is good morning.
“Bonsoir” is good night.

I got a “near sister” who is Danish !

Your profile picture is different from your avatar; if you want both to be visible you need to upload and activate both. You can change your avatar under
User CP => Edit Avatar


That’s about the extent of my French, so I’ll just say “welcome” in English. :smiley:

Welcome iioran