Hello from PR :)

Hello CRATE and Grim Dawn community!! My name is Josué from Puerto Rico. But you can refer to me here as Darktruth77.

Today I got the news of this game and comunity and being a fan and still player of TQ I immediately checked it out and I am very happy to see this project come along.

I consider my self a casual hardcore gamer I may say so. I don’t play everyday and spend 10 hour playing games but do like to play and enjoy them and play good.

I’m not a TQ Master expert know it all either, I have not play every mastery of TQ nor I have finished Legendary :slight_smile: . ( I’m on my way. ) but I have been playing TQ since 2006 and still do.

Knowing that GD is being made by developers of TQ make me joy.

I plan on support this game soon with my pre-order and from time to time continue to contribute in this community.

Keep the good job CRATE. :smiley: