Hello from Prostejov (Czech Republic)


My name is Nick and i am 18 years old.I am happy to have backed this game…

Tho only with the miserable 35$…I wish i can put more so i can get the DDE with alpha access,but i didn’t make a lot of money while working last summer.

I can only regret and envy (in the good way) the people with higher financial opportunities.

I am happy to be here in this community,i cannot wait to start playing the game.

hey nick, don’t measure your contribution against that of others (who may have had an income for years for instance). just do what you realistically can do and be part of the crew. :cool:

Hi and welcome to the forums! i’m sure you’re not the only one waiting to play, alas, at this stage, every little contribution has a long lasting effect! people with a lot of money tend to be quite rare. sometimes, quantity is better than quality!

again welcome, and thanks for making this game better:D!