Hello GD Community!

Hello fellow GD Lovers,

my name is SkeletorOne from Germany and I’m an alcoholi… oh, wait. Wrong board. :eek:

I’m addicted to Grim Dawn though. A very good friend of mine bought 2 copies of the game and was so generous to give me one of them. Lucky me! Since then I basically play the game whenever I can. Just bought the Crucible DLC recently and will buy AoM and, of course, Forgotten Gods, too.

My favorite char at the moment is my Witch Hunter (85) and I currently storm through Ultimate with him.

I’m looking forward to good discussions and insights about Grim Dawn :slight_smile:

Welcome to the game and to the forum SkeletonOne. Enjoy them both. :slight_smile: A good time to be joining in with Forgotten Gods on the horizon.

Witch Hunter has been one of my all-around favorites as well - though I’ve never leveled one past 60.

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the forum. Witch blade is an awesome class!