Hello Grim Dawn Community

Hello, been hanging around the forums for quite a while now, and finally got of my lazy behind and created a forum account. Been playing the “alpha” since the beginning, and so far am loving where the game is going.

I would welcome you back, if only I could see where you were. Quack for me. :wink:

Seriously, welcome. Great game here, if your into that kinda thing.

Welcome even though you have already been here for some time but still… WELCOME!!!

Glad to hear that you are enjoying the game and I hope to see more of your input on the crazy awesome world of Cairn.

hi and welcome, nice to hear you are enjoying this awesome game,

Welcome to the community! Hope to see you around, but might be tough based on your name :slight_smile:

Welcome mate. Been finding the community here both helpful and friendly. Good to see another new face!

Thanks for the warm welcome. hope i can be a helpful participant of the testing and helpful to others. Happy hunting to you all :slight_smile: