Hello Grim Dawn-Warrior´s

Greatings from Stuttgart, Germany.

After some time playing Grim Dawn with friends i think i also say hello the the guys in the forum. --> HELLO <–:smiley:

Until now with 150 hours playtime, super fun and each update make it just better.

Hope to get along!
Meet me at the infested field of Grim Dawn.

Welcome to the forums and Grim Dawn, Drachier. :slight_smile:

Greetings from Lower Saxony and welcome to the froum :slight_smile:

Welcome to Grim Dawn & the community! :smiley:

Hello Drachier

and welcome to the forum and Grim Dawn

Glad to hear that you enjoy the game with your friends :slight_smile:

Hello and Welcome!

Watch out for the badger-moles

Welcome in Grim Domain…