Hello, new forums! :grava_yes:

It’s a new forum and since I haven’t did this before I figured it’s a good time to make this post.

Also it’s practice for getting used to the new forum format and stuff.

I created this account back in vanilla times when I wanted to ask a question about some acid blademaster. Never thought I’d still play this game now. It’s been a good time you all.


Sorry that was just me messing up with the new emojis.

Good day everyone!

P.S. - So there can’t be duplicate titles here in this new forum, huh. Should limit the number of “new player - need help” posts in the Classes, Skills and Builds section :scorv::scorv::scorv:

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Yes, we’re up and running with lots more emojis to play with now. Still working out what does what myself, but getting there.

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And there’s likes now and it’s less work for you mods now that we can edit titles on our own :wink:

Hello new forums! pretty excited to see new things happening here, especially with E3 being in close chronological proximity to this. Hoping to see some new stuff from Crate in the (near) future.

Depends if that’s implemented or not. I know Zantai’s changed a few things with the Trust system. But yes, that may help if OPs can do it themselves.

As long as mods reserve the right to lock a thread title from being edited in the case of bad/offensive titles where the OP might want to re edit what a mod has changed then I’m fine with everyone having the right to edit their titles.

Um, not sure that’s possible. Closing a thread yes, closing a title - not so sure. Would have to see if that’s even possible.

Took me a while to figure out how to log back in (I haven’t had to type anything in in like 10 years lol), but things are looking great! Now I just have to figure out how to navigate to the modding side.

It’s implemented. I’ve used it. And especially useful for tool / utility / mod threads because now we can update our thread titles with current version numbers.