Hello there

I joined the forum about 2-3 weeks ago and I don’t think I posted a proper introduction. Since I’m sitting here bored outta my mind at work, I’ll make it detailed.

Short version: My name is Jon I live in Tokyo and Im searching for the next D2.

So, as my name/location is outta the way I’ll start. I moved to Japan 6 years ago and at that time I had basically quit all gaming to pursue a pick up lifestyle. The only game I continued to play was - Diablo 2. I played it on and off since the first year it was out and still to this day. I just don’t really get bored of it.

When I heard the news of D3, I bought a new PC decked it out and got it on the release date thinking it would be D2 and more… well, I think most of us agree on how that that story ended. however - D3 imo is a good game and I still play but - it did not fill the void. I heard Torchlight 2 was comming out and some of its features and had high hopes for that… again, not a bad game but were D3 was to tight and restricting I found T2 to be a bit too loose and free… didn’t fill the void

of course in this mix I had PoE. well, again, a good game and I like it but, I personally can’t see it being more than a one time play thru for me for various reasons, too quickly name a few the skill tree looked great at first but, in the end I crave for a skill tree more like D2,T2,TQ etc… I also find the characters a bit stiff. nonetheless , a good game but not “the one.” and… no offline mode.

which brings me to Grim Dawn. it looks great and I have high hopes it will be the best ARPG all round since D2.


Hi and welcome to the forum. Have to say I’ve never managed to play D2 as I can’t get it installed on my PC. Seems I need to get the expansion to have any chance of it working. But I’m a great fan of TQIT and have been playing it for years. The thought that we’re going to get a new game built on the same engine made me a fan straight away.

Hope you enjoy your visits here and that you enjoy the game when it comes out. It already looks so amazing I’m surprised they still have work to do on it.


thx for reading my long intro.


and -

i highly recommend giving D2 a play thru somehow. I mean, you can never recapture the way it was when servers were active but, if you like arpgs I’m sure most arpg fans would agree its the best arpg to date. D2 is the reason i play these type of games and probably why they exist. :wink:

many people still play it today and have been on and off since its release in June 2000. I know ppl play other games on and off, but, i mean actually playing it if you get my drift ( ya, I’ll throw on anything for 20-30 minutes).

anyway, Grim Dawn is next up at bat. It looks very promising and I think the Devs have the right mindset here as far as art style, play style and past influences.