Hello to you

Hi there.

I’m just a normal, happy guy, living a normal, happy life back in Sweden.

Played a lot of Titan Quest through the years, though never really embracing any community until now. Created an account on the TQ-forum, and they gave me the excellent advice of checking this site out.

Hopefully, this game will be as astounding as TQ was for me. And so far, they haven’t let my hopes down.

Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

Hey man,

nice to have you around. Be sure to check various informative threads. Until a week ago I believed not much was known about the game, but there’s a lot of precious info to be found.

Have a normal, happy stay at GD forums!

hi and welcome, nice to see fresh faces joining the forum,

Here’s to normalcy - in all, including its abnormal forms. Welcome to the forums.

Trevligt med en svensk med likadana intressen som en själv :slight_smile:

Nord power :cool: