So… well hi to everyone I´m new to the forum been a while since i want to join, first I really love the game (like most people in here) benn playing since B26
Secod since I don´t have any friend that plays GD :frowning: I hope to get into the co-op aspect.

so ok see you all in game

PD. sorry if my enlgish is a little harsh been a while since I have the chance to use it

Hi King Turtle, and welcome to the game and the forum :).

As for the multiplayer aspect … for the moment I’d like to stick to single player myself, to slowly get into the game again and discover all new aspects, after a hiatus from the game. But maybe this steam group is a good place to start?

Hi King Turtle,

You made me remember of Coridan the Turtle King. I wonder where that guy went. Have been a long time since we all heard from him.

Welcome to the forum!