Hi everyone, I’m Chuck

I am totally new to Grim Dawn, but am loving it so far.
Reminds me of Diablo 2 like no other game ever has.

I’ve cut my teeth as a Theorycrafter on Diablo 2 and more recently Borderlands 2 and I was looking for a game with enough depth to satisfy my craving.

Hoping to meet a friendly and helpful community here too :slight_smile:


Are you really a deputy?


No, it’s a nickname I earned on the Borderlands forum :slight_smile:

Made a pretty well-known build for the Gunzerker called “Deputy Salvador” (because it featured prominently an item called the “Deputy’s badge”)

People started calling me that and it stuck :slight_smile:

I would have welcomed you anyway. Sssssooo welcome! If you like to try builds that jumps in your mind and theorycraft ( i often do that early mornin before i wake up) you have picked the right game.