I am 30 year student from Finland and according to steam I have played 59 hours of grim dawn and i’m very excited about upcoming Forgotten Gods -expansion.

edit: My current build is somekind of conjurer pet build

Hi! Just started a pet conjurer too, and the gameplay is more complex than what I’ve red on the forum so far! Enjoying it greatly, and I hope you do too. Welcome!

hey just passing by to grab 3 posts for link posting :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome my friend

hello Kamistar,

and welcome to the forum and grim dawn

Hi and welcome! Also new here, great game so far :slight_smile:

How is the pet build going for you? I love summoners in this game. I am doing a spin-to-win Templar atm. It is a ton of fun too.

Welcome! Also pretty new and having a blast.

Welcome to the game and to the forum everyone. :slight_smile: